Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds


That’s the sound I made this morning as Jasmine pounced on my stomach. Jasmine, the ultimate bed hog and snooze button killer, wanted to go outside. And she wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

6 a.m. comes way too early, and if I move at all after 5 a.m. or so, Jasmine immediately springs into action. She goes from coma to bouncy little bunny in 2 seconds flat. If I move or roll over, she springs out of a deep sleep and bounds to the foot of the bed. She then bounds back to me and back to the end of the bed in a frenzy of excitement to greet the morning. I pat the warm, empty space beside me to try to entice her to come back. She bounds back. She then decides if she wants to burrow back under her blankets.

If burrowing is an option, she certainly doesn’t do it quietly. The blankets go awry. There’s a lot of grunting, turning, smooshing, throwing, circling and more grunting. She might plop down and fall back into a deep snore, or she might stop, continue the blanket dance and then abandon it altogether.

So, there’s about a 50/50 chance that I’ll get back to sleep. And of course, the minute I do, the alarm goes off. And we go through this morning ritual again.

Is there a snooze button on a dog? Um, no.

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Traveling Blankie

Jasmine has been taking the heat of this summer well, thanks to our central AC system. Every night, she’s been snuggling atop her fleece blankie at the foot of the bed. She likes the spot because it’s right under the ceiling fan–blowing the cooler air down on her. That’s all well and fine until the middle of the night when the temp drops down to a cool level. Jasmine rolls herself up into her blankie to keep warm. When that’s not good enough, she shimmies up to us to snuggle. However, she doesn’t want to leave her warm blankie behind, and she shimmy-pulls the blankie along with her.

Well, that’s what hubby tells me. I’m usually asleep through all this, but hubby is a light sleeper and has witnessed the unique shimmy-pull process. Just think of how you’d pull a blanket that is wrapped around your entire body–including underneath you–as you’re trying to move about 5 body lengths up in the dark.

When I wake up in the morning, I have a dog-roll snuggled up next to me. I’m glad that she likes her blankie enough to bring it with her, but I wish I will get a chance to witness the great migration!

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5:30 A.M.

That’s Jasmine’s new wake-up time.

My alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. during the week. But I guess with the longer and lighter days, Jasmine believes that this is too late. She’s up at 5:30, complete with full-body shakes and ear flaps and attention-getting hand nudges.

I try to calm her down and get her back to sleep. She comes over, spins around a couple of times, and plops next to me in a fit of exhaustion. Those full body shakes and nose-to-hand nudges are really energy-sapping, I guess. Of course, she promptly falls into a deep, snore-bound sleep.

Right before the 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off.


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Dog Spooning

Last night, Jasmine was a bit restless. She woke up in the wee hours of the night/morning and started snuffling about, digging and scritching the covers, and doing the head shake/thundering ears sound that we Dachshund lovers know really well. She did her best to wake me up. I called her to me and she came snuffing over. She plopped down next to me on her soft blanket and proceeded to snuggle into my belly and fell into an immediate, deep sleep (HOW do they do that?).

All of a sudden, I found myself spooning with a miniature dachshund. The curve of her back was snuggled deeply into my torso. I wrapped my arm around her, snuggled into HER and fell into a deep and relaxing sleep. Until the alarm came on in what seemed like five minutes flat. 🙂


Bed Hog

While we don’t let Jasmine sleep all night with us, we do let her up on the bed for a snooze both in the mornings and before shutting off the lights at night.

I’ve read that having the dog on the bed is bad.  Placing the dog on the bed puts him/her on the same “level” as you and could cause problems–it could give the dog the impression that he/she is the “alpha” of the “pack.”  Also, dachshunds could hurt themselves if they jump off the bed and land incorrectly.  Great arguments against dogs sleeping in the big bed, right?

Well, the real reason Jasmine doesn’t sleep on our bed is pretty simple–she’s a bed hog.  A huge bed hog.  She takes up an enormous amount of room for such a small dog.  When I let her up in the morning for a short snooze, she pushes me to the edge of our bed–a California King.  I have about one body width of space, and she hogs the rest of it.  When I try to move her over, she becomes an 11-pound floppy sack of potatoes–lumpy, immovable.  She groans with complaint as if I am at fault for her bad manners.  Even worse, I move her over and she scoots back to snuggle with me.

Okay, so I like the snuggling part.  But even when I move towards the middle of the bed (to give myself more edge space), she manages to push me back into “my place.”

So, Jasmine is forever destined to be a “floor bed” dog.  Unless she learns some big bed manners.

And on a separate note, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  We wish you much love and happiness this holiday season!


Nose Burrowing

Sometimes Jasmine does stuff that makes me shake my head in wonder.  What I call “nose burrowing” is one of them.

We’ve been letting Jasmine come up on the bed at night to snuggle with us before going to sleep.  I then pick her up and put her into her own bed when it comes to turning off the lights.  During that period, she tends to fall asleep (after some serious pets and scratchies, of course).  HOW she falls asleep is what has us so amazed.

Jasmine likes to burrow her nose into us before going to sleep.  Last night, she decided my arm pit was the perfect place.  Several times before, she put her nose into the palm of hubby’s hand.  He held her muzzle as she slept.  Of course, we get a cold, wet nose and doggie breath.  She gets…um…why does she do this?

The armpit thing had me laughing.  First, I get the nose tucked in there and then the warm, moist breath that followed.  Finally, I was serenaded by the snoring that ensued.

When she’s in her bed, she doesn’t burrow her nose.  It’s just when she’s with us.  Maybe she likes our scents.  Maybe it makes her feel safe.  Maybe she likes the warm air.  Maybe she’s just strange.  🙂  Regardless, her little quirks make us smile and make us love her even more.


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