Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Barky Barky

Life has a way of finding time for personal blogging difficult. Which would I rather do–sleep or blog? Play with the dog or write about playing with the dog? 🙂

Jasmine is wonderful. She is healthy, bouncy and happy. In fact, she has been increasingly…um…insistent about her routines.

Her evening routine is centered around food. I come home. I feed her. She scarfs up dinner. I sit and eat with Hubby. She stares at me. And stares. Not for my food. Nope. She stares because it’s “Have you been a good girl?” time…complete with treat. If I ignore her, a small ‘wooft’ is in order. If I ignore her long enough, a ‘wooft + sit-hop’ ensues. And if that doesn’t work, an all-out bark is in order.

Aside: Have you ever seen a sit-hop? It’s so darn cute. Jasmine hops with her butt still solid on the ground. She uses her front legs to lift her front-side off the ground, complete with cute floppy ears. It seems to make the ‘wooft’ go further. It’s not sitting up. She pops up and down. Oh, it’s hard to ignore, but I try.

If we get down to bark mode, I continue to ignore her until she’s calm and quiet. Then I ask her to lie down. THEN she gets her “Have you been a good girl?” treat. I DO have SOME discipline. Ahem. (Yeah, and if you believe that one…)

Then there’s PB time. After dinner, it’s Jasmine’s time to sit on Hubby’s lap and get a small bit of peanut butter. She gets up on my lap and starts wagging madly at Hubby. She’s a total flirt until she gets what she wants! She stares longingly at him, wags her tail, looks her cutest and entices him to invite her onto his lap. She then waits patiently for her prize, licking her lips. If she’s not on my lap, she sits on the floor with the Vulcan Mind Meld look on her face…”He will understand what I want…” and sometimes goes into wooft-bark mode.

It’s great that she’s communicating, but I think I’ve created a bark monster. 🙂

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Two Weeks In

Two weeks ago, I had my surgery. I had to spend the night in the hospital, but I was able to come home the next day.

The post-surgical instructions have significantly altered all our lives–including Jasmine’s:

  • I can’t pick Jasmine up for 8 weeks! That’s 8 weeks of sad puppy eyes looking up at me from the floor. Totally heartbreaking (for me).
  • Hubby now brings Jasmine downstairs. It’s now a big production, complete with a small treat at the bottom of the stairs. She resists being picked up by him, but it’s good for them–both.
  • Jasmine is now sleeping in a dog bed on the floor next to me. Acutally, I think that will be her permanent place. We’re both sleeping better. She doesn’t get clocked by a knee. I don’t get shoved to the very edge of the bed (hey, Dachshunds are bed hogs).
  • I have to walk every day. And we know who HATES walkies. HATES. But she’s going with us, and it’s doing her waist line good (as well as mine).
  • I can’t bend, twist, push anything heavy (NO shopping carts, believe it or not), or lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. If I want to pet Jasmine, I have to get down on one knee and reach for her short, squat body. It’s hard to do everyday things like feed her. Hubby has taken over many of the tasks at home until I’m past the “danger” zone.

Jasmine has, however, been enjoying the fact that I’ve been home with her. She sleeps in her bed next to the couch (yes, I have multiple beds…who doesn’t?) next to me as I rest. I’ve come a long way in two weeks. And it amazes me how dogs just roll into a new routine.

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No Skipping The Bone

Last night, I had a work-related evening event. I got home fairly late. Jasmine was eagerly awaiting my return. As usual, she had not eaten her dinner before my return. She gobbled it up after I came in.

We went to bed right after she ate. I figured she was sated and would be happy to snuggle up and go to sleep. Nope.

I put her on the bed, and she narrowed her eyes at me. I thought it meant she was getting sleepy. Nope. She made a small “wooft” sound. Hm. I ignored it. Eyes narrowed again. Wooft. Wooft. Hm.

Then it occurred to me. Jasmine had not had her “Have you been a good girl?” bone yet. I looked at her, her ears perked up and she KNEW that I understood. She stood up, tail wagging madly.

I picked her up, took her downstairs and got a small dental chewie. We went back upstairs and I gave her the treat. She flew around the room in joy, settled down and began chewing in happiness.

After she was done, then and only then was she ready for bed.

Routine is routine. There was no skipping it, no matter how late it was.

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Coming Home

Every evening when I come home, Jasmine bolts out of the family room, her rear-end wagging madly and her body jumping with glee. She runs circles around me in joy and makes my arrival a huge occasion.

What I didn’t know is that there’s a routine before I get home. As my husband reports, Jasmine is attuned to the sounds of my arrival.

The garage door goes up. Jasmine jumps up from her bed and leaps out. She whines, cries and/or yips a bit. She runs to the end of the coffee table and sits down on the rug. She waits, her head alert and her ears at attention. The garage door goes down. She stares intently at the hallway to the kitchen. She hears footsteps on the basement stairs. I come through the basement door in the kitchen and place my briefcase and purse on the kitchen table. I call out, “Is there a pup-pup in the house?”

Then, and only then, Jasmine bolts out of the family room and runs to me, wagged rear and all. I never knew of the “wait and pounce” ritual that went before the joy. Apparently, this is a daily occurrence. It’s funny that she waits for the cue before running into the kitchen rather than running and waiting at the door. It’s her routine, and she’s stickin’ to it.

Funny dog. 🙂

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Morning Bonding Time

As things become more crazed around here, I’ve been giving Jasmine some attention every morning.  She comes up on the bed to snuggle and sleep for an hour or so (depending on when she awakens and asks for “up” time).  When I get up, I greet her with a happy “good morning” and she gets up, stretches, wags her tail and bulldozes her face in the blankets.  I give her body rubs and her tail goes faster.  I then put her down on the floor, let her outside and fix breakfast for us both.

As I eat (she’s faster than I am), I give her bits of my apple.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t feed her while I’m eating…but she doesn’t beg.  And apples are good for her.  Yeah.  That’s it!

After I finish breakfast, I usually check email.  I bring Jasmine up on my lap and she snoozes as I read, click and type.  I got up to go get another cup of coffee this morning, and when I returned, I found that Jasmine jumped up on the chair to take advantage of the warm spot I left.  Hm…does she love me or does she love my body heat?  When we’re in bed, she always snuggles close to Hubby.  He’s the “Human Heater,” so I’m guessing that his body heat is much more attractive than mine…AND he’s the scratchie King…he’ll give Jasmine scratchies for hours if she’ll let him.  Ooops…I am rambling again.

Our current morning routine gives Jasmine a little normalcy before I turn into a whirling, packing dervish.  These next few weeks are going to be pretty taxing on us all, and we all need a little “normal” to stay sane.  And I do readily admit that mornings help me as well.  Warm puppy on the lap…oh, how nice!

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Where’s Dad?

Jasmine’s love/fear relationship with my husband is strange.  On one hand, she KNOWS he’s the treat and scratchie man.  Whenever she gets close to him, she knows she can get yummy tidbits and oh-so-satisfying pets and scratches.  But she then bolts if he moves in any way–to shift his weight, too fast a nod of the head, lifting the other hand.  She still doesn’t have any trust in him, and it makes me sad to see.

Hubby is out of town on a business trip.  He left yesterday morning and will be back tomorrow night.  Last night, Jasmine was puzzled.  She was sitting at attention, waiting for him to come home from work.  He didn’t show.  When I took her outside to do her business, her eyes were riveted at the door and her ears were perked; she was looking for him (she takes this posture when she knows he’s home and she can’t see him).

When it was time for bed, she searched all over the bedroom for him, and then crawled under the bed.  She does that when he’s home, but only if she’s awaiting his arrival in the bedroom.  She came out and I picked her up and put her on the bed to snuggle a bit.  She went over to his pillow, sniffed it and then came and sat in front of me, got up, sniffed again and paced a bit before settling in for a snuggle.

It’s clear that his absence is causing her a bit of concern.  While my husband attributes it to her thinking “where’s that scary man…I can’t see him so he’s hiding and he’s going to jump out and get me,” I attribute it to a significant change in her routine.  Her routine includes “scary Dad,” and when he’s not around, he’s missed.

I’m glad that she’s noticed his absence.  It’s a good sign.

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Morning is Broken

Jasmine is showing signs of greater confidence–and defiance.

Our morning routine has been pretty consistent.  Hubby gets up early early early in the morning to get ready for work.  He takes a shower and gets dressed.  He grabs Jasmine’s leash and comes to her bed and snaps the leash on her.  He then takes her outside for her morning business, feeds her and leaves.  She eats her food after he leaves, then comes thundering down the hallway to wake me up with a wag and a lick.

While Jasmine has been somewhat resistant to his taking her out in the morning (she plants her butt in the bed, her front paws embed in her blanket and she pulls back on the leash with her head), she does get moving with him and follows him after her short act of defiance.  However, Jasmine has recently broken her morning routine–she has reverted back to slipping under the bed so he can’t take her out.  Given that we have a king-size bed, she has found the “sweet” spot where hubby can’t reach her.  She sneaks under while he’s taking a shower, and she doesn’t come out until he’s left.

Or, at least, she tries to.  I haven’t let her get away with it.  He leaves the room, I get her out from under the bed, snap on her leash and take her out to the kitchen.  He then takes her outside and continues with the routine.  He wanted to not go through the hassle of getting her out from under the bed, but I believe that if she will continue to defy him if we allow her to get away with it.  She’s testing her “pack” status and is trying to be above him.  By allowing her to defy him, he’s supporting her stance.

I still don’t understand why she’s so suspicious and scared of him.  It has been 14 months.  The only time she comes near him is when I’m near him.  By touching him, it’s almost like I’ve given my “blessing” for her to approach him.  If I move away, she won’t go near him.  When she finally does come close, she always gets the attention that she wants and the loving she craves, but we can’t seem to get her to stop being scared of him.  If he moves, she jumps and stares at him suspiciously.  She even barked at him (yes, one of less than a dozen times she’s barked) the other morning because he broke his morning routine and didn’t leave after fixing her breakfast.  He came back into the bedroom and we both heard a little bark.  He went back into the living room to check on her.  Nothing was wrong except for her obvious displeasure with him still in the house.

It’s also interesting that if we’re together in some way–sitting together in a chair, on the floor, etc.–she will always want to be with us.  She jumps and sniffs to get our attention.  I don’t know if it’s a pack thing or if she just wants to get my attention away from him and onto her.  Is she jealous of my giving attention to someone else?  What happens when we get another dog?


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