Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds


This weekend, I finally had the time to clean the house. I wanted to do some heavy-duty cleaning in the bathrooms, so I left Jasmine downstairs in her usual spot and closed the doors to the hallway that leads to the stairs. She’s used to being enclosed in the space–which includes the family room and the kitchen–so I didn’t think she’d be worried or upset.


I finished cleaning upstairs and when I came down, I opened the doors and walked into the family room. I saw Jasmine standing right in front of a GIANT puddle in the middle of the floor. She scurried away, and I just stood there, flabbergasted. It was clear that this was a “revenge pee” for my abandoning her. I was in the HOUSE. I left her ALONE. I enclosed  her so she couldn’t FOLLOW ME wherever I went.

Shame on me.

Boy, she showed me.

Of course, I didn’t catch the offender in action, so I couldn’t admonish her directly.

But I COULD mutter under my breath and give her the evil eye. She stayed away for a few minutes, until the coast (and my mood) was clear. She’s no dummy.


A Pattern Emerges

Let’s see…

  1. Go away and leave Jasmine with someone or in a kennel
  2. Come home.  Bring Jasmine home.
  3. Jasmine is happy, clingy, peppy, lovey.  “Oh thank you Mom for coming home to me…for rescuing me from those people/that kennel/Dad!”
  4. Jasmine realizes that I was/we were evil to leave her with someone else.
  5. Jasmine shows her displeasure and gets her revenge–she pees on the carpet in front of me/us.
  6. I catch her in the act, correct her, bring her outside to pee, reward her good behavior.
  7. She smirks and lets us believe that WE corrected her and the indoor soiling stops.

This has happened each time we’ve brought her home from a trip, or if I’ve been away on a trip.  I think the dog knows a LOT more than she’s letting on.  Sneaky smart.  That’s what she is.  Sneaky smart.


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