Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds


Jasmine has started to growl at times. She growls when people come into her territory–that includes the house and the yard. Today, someone was walking by our house as we were sitting on the front lawn. Had the person just walked by, I don’t think Jasmine would have growled. However, the person said hello, and then…”grrrrr.”

Jasmine growled at a friend who came to visit the other day, and she sometimes growls at my husband! Yipes! We’re starting obedience school after Labor Day weekend, so I hope to address that issue (as well as others) then.

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Cha Cha Cha

I’m noticing little changes to Jasmine, little things that make me think she’s becoming more comfortable with us. First, she’s getting a bit more frisky. She runs, jumps, wags her little tail and rolls in the grass in the mornings and sometimes after a walk. She ran around and wagged her tail as I was putting down her breakfast–the first time she’s been excited about her food bowl. She watched the UPS man driving up today and although her ears were perked, she didn’t growl or become anxious. Good doggie!

But she growled at Tom last night–the second time that’s happened. He was hovering over her a bit, so I think she was intimidated by his size and dominant stance. Regardless, I corrected her with a “shussshhh” and Tom made sure she accepted a little ear scratching. We can’t have her being aggressive towards Tom at all.

Every day is a bit different for her as far as her temperament and acceptance. But then again, when am I feeling the same every day? I have to keep telling myself that she’s only been here a short time. Time will help her learn and become more confident.

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Today, I took Jasmine out for lunch! We went over to my husband’s office. They have a nice patio, complete with shaded tables. We sat down, and Jasmine allowed hubby to feed her cheese! Progress! Other people–all men–joined us, and Jasmine calmly accepted their presence. She was calm, quiet and relaxed. Yay!!!

After that, I went to check out the local PetSmart PetsHotel boarding and day care facility. The kennels are not huge, but clean and sufficient. What I like is that they are all visible by anyone who walks in. There are walk areas and play areas. Basic overnight boarding (feeding, two walks, etc.) is only $23 per day. Doggie day care costs more, but I don’t think she’s well socialized to other dogs, so I might go for a few sessions but not every day. An exit bath is $10. Compared to the $45 per day at other facilities (which provide about the same level of care), it’s a bargain.

We walked around the store, and Jasmine did SO well. I’m trying to get her used to many situations, and although she was a bit stressed (tail tucked some of the time), she handled it well. However, Jasmine doesn’t like sliding glass doors! Eeek! She did let people approach her, though, and even let one of the employees pet her!!!

Our housekeeper came today for our monthly cleaning. Jasmine growled at her, but I corrected her with a “shhhhh” right away and she stopped. I know she’s just protecting her territory, but I also want to let her know that she must stop on my command. She’s a really good doggie! She’s handled everything so well today!

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Fraidy Dog

Jasmine is really afraid of my husband, Tom. She’s afraid of all new things, but she’s been around Tom ever since she came to our home, but for some reason, he makes her tremble. I think whomever owned the puppy mill was a grey-haired man. She was afraid of one of my neighbors that is also grey-haired, but not too afraid of the guy across the street (brown hair). She’s wary of all new people, but she doesn’t seem to freak out as much when women are around…perhaps, we women have softer voices.

She’s a Fraidy Dog, but a cute one at that. I’m hoping to continue to expose her to new things and socialize her to the world. She deserves to experience it all without fear.

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