Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Darn That Kanye!

The NERVE of that man!

The NERVE of that man!

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My husband and I took Jasmine to PetSmart this weekend to have her picture taken with Santa. Yes, it was totally my idea, and my husband went along with it to please me. He’s so nice that way.

We got there early and were near the front of the line. Jasmine got close to my husband (a safe port in the storm) and even let him pet her to his/her heart’s content. While she was intimidated by the other dogs around and was a bit sheepish, she didn’t try to bolt away and wasn’t so afraid that treats were out of the question.

Santa showed up, and the first three dogs took their turns. The wildest dog was about 60 pounds, and the owner had to lift her onto the platform with Santa. Bad idea. It was comical to watch them try to calm this overeager dog down enough to take her picture. The owner finally had to get into the shot to hold the dog.

Then, it was Jasmine’s turn. We put her into Santa’s arms. From the look on her face, you would’ve thought we just took her to the doggie dungeon. (The scene reminded me of the time that we took the grandkids for their visit and pictures with Santa at the mall. All the way there, they were singing songs in excitement of meeting the big man. However, once they were on his knee…uh oh. Our granddaughter began to cry. Both kids looked like they were facing the executioner. It’s one of my favorite pictures of them. 😀 ) And this is one of the pictures of Jasmine that will bring me great joy.

With Santa’s flowing beard and fuzzy cuffs, Jasmine looked absolutely TINY. You could only see her paws and head–the rest of her body is wrapped in Santa suit. See the scanned picture on our Flickr site. We got her picture taken, and rescued her from the clutches of this evil stranger. And while the picture is dark and a tiny bit blurry, I just love it. Jasmine’s photos grace our Christmas cards this year. Maybe that’s taking it a bit far….

Nah. I sent 60 cards out. I admit it. I’m a total dog nut. This proves it.

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