Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

What Did I Do Wrong?

Jasmine Dachshund rescue dog "puppy mill" rescue

Jasmine wants to know what's wrong with being in the Big chair

This time, Jasmine did not take to the recliner without my permission, She was sitting with me, and I got up to get something. As I was returning, she looked so guilty for being up there…I had to snap this photo. So cute!

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Jasmine the Whiner

First of all, I really like the fact that Jasmine doesn’t bark.  I’ve experienced excessively barky dogs.  In fact, our new neighbor next door has one.  It scared Jasmine while we were outside…I ignored it and encouraged Jasmine to “go.”  Thankfully, she did.

Instead of being barky, Jasmine whines.  Really really really softly.  It’s kind of cute and (on occasion) annoying at the same time.  She whines and does the “pounce and run” when she wants up on my lap.  She whines when we’re out for one of her favorite activities–going for a car ride.  In that case, I think she wants my attention WHILE she’s enjoying the ride.  Sorry Jazzy, I can’t do that and drive safely.  She whines when she wants something and is trying to convince me to do whatever it is she wants.  I generally have to guess what it is based upon the time of day.  I never quite know if I got it right, but regardless of whether I did–or not–my actions generally provide her with an action that is pleasurable.

I know I’m reinforcing a bad habit–whining.  It could get annoying, and then I won’t be able to get her to stop.  However, she doesn’t ask for much and is not entirely communicative, so I’m encouraging her to TELL ME when she wants something.  Sometimes she gets it (lap time) and sometimes she doesn’t.  But at least she’s communicating with me.  I like that.

Now if I could only get her to whine and paw when she needs to go out.  I never did get her targeting and ringing the bell.  However, I DID get her to recognize the bell as the “go outside” noise when she’s half a house away.

Progress.  Baby steps sometimes, but we’re always moving forward.

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Too Cute

I think Dachshunds are the cutest dogs in the world.  Of course, I’m a little biased.  🙂

A Dachshund’s personality shows up in the funniest ways.  The dog can just sit there and melt your heart.  Their little silhouette is adorable.  Their funny little walk/trot as they try to keep up with you (or zoom past you) during a walk just has to make you smile.  Jasmine is a delight every day–even when I’m soaked to the bone waiting out her fear and stubborn streak of not wanting to do her business in bad weather.  Even when she’s piddled on the carpet not three feet away from me.  Even when she won’t eat unless I’m there to keep her company.

It’s the little things that keep me laughing and shaking my head in delight.

Take this morning.  I took my shower, and as usual, Jasmine was keeping watch in front of the shower door.  However, when I got out of the shower, I noticed that she made herself into a little “Pig in Blanket” using the bathroom rug.  She pulled the rug over to where she wanted to be and wrapped herself in the rug.  Amazingly enough, she kept herself enrobed in the rug long enough for me to get some pictures.

Does she know how cute she is?

Does she know how cute she is?

Too cute.  She’s just way too cute.  I feel all my defenses just crumbling away.  I have to keep being vigilant or she’s going to take over this house!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s how Jasmine’s evening went:

Pre-Turkey Festivities:  Jasmine showing her hospitality as she entertains my Mom…er…hides from my Mom.

Jasmine hides from my Mom

Oh Grandma, what big eyes you have!

But then gets distracted.

Oh Grandma...what big teeth...hey, whats that smell?

Oh Grandma...what big teeth...hey, what's that smell?

Post-Turkey Festivities: Jasmine OD’s on tryptophan.

Darn you, tryptophan!

Darn you, tryptophan!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pet Names

Okay, I admit it. I’m one of THOSE dog owners…the ones that have cutesy nicknames for their pets. Jasmine is a pretty name, but I also call her other things like:

  • Jazzy and Jazzy-dog (well, that’s not surprising, is it?)
  • Pup-pup
  • Rompy dog (dachshund + grass = romp romp romp)
  • Puppy (much different than pup-pup)
  • Sweetie dog
  • Cutie dog
  • Baby girl
  • Woofty (she makes a little woof sound that’s kind of a cough or rush of air…cute cute cute)

Oooh, I cringe at myself for being one of THOSE people, but Jasmine is so cute that I can’t help it. I think every dog owner thinks their dog is the cutest dog in the world…well, I certainly do. 🙂  And cute dogs deserve cute names.  Yup.  Uh huh.  I’ll keep telling myself that.  All that matters is that she comes running, bright eyed and tail wagging, every time I call her.

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Some Changes

Jasmine has been a little different since we got back from vacation, and I’ve noticed a few small changes in the past week.

First, she’s more curious. She’s exploring more, pushing the envelope more and just getting into things that she never got into before. She noticed a squirrel running up a tree today. She’s only noticed squirrels once before…otherwise, she just seems to ignore them when we’re on our walks.

This is manifesting itself in other ways. She stole an apple core off the coffee table today. I ate an apple this morning, and I left the core wrapped in a napkin on the table. I went out to get some groceries, and when I got home, the apple core was gone. I found half of it under the couch and the napkin on Jasmine’s day bed. Hm…I didn’t catch her in the act, so…

Jasmine also started playing by herself today. I’ve been teasing her with the ropey toy, and in the past, she would only chew on it when I was playing with her. Today, she not only initiated her own play, but she also took another toy (her little Bobo toy from PetSmart) and started carrying it around the room. This is a first for her, and it really is exciting to see her finally play.

While these may seem like small changes, I think they are big steps towards normalcy. I guess I’ll have to be more careful where I leave things from now on…she’s ignored everything thus far, and I have been taking it for granted that she’ll always stay this way. Judging by the stack of magazines that she pushed over, the honeymoon is ending and we’re starting to get a curious, mischievous and happy dog amongst our midst. It’s about time.

I had to share this picture of Jasmine. It’s so cute-ugly…my little “rat” dog.

Rat Dog

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Jasmine, Cheese!

I thought I’d share my favorite Jasmine video with you. Jasmine is a cheese hound. When she knows there’s cheese, she comes running. You will also experience her “hooves of thunder” in this clip. She’s so darn cute. My husband asked me, “Why didn’t you give her the cheese after you called her?” I did. Off camera. 🙂

I tried using Flickr’s new (as of today) video service, but I’m having problems embedding the video into a WordPress blog entry. I think it’s because WordPress’ hosted service doesn’t like embedded scripts. Oh well, YouTube works too!

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Limpy Foot

Jasmine’s right-rear foot isn’t quite right.  When she runs, she holds the foot up and kind of hobbles, putting down the “limpy” foot every so often.  Hubby noticed the slightly “off” foot when we got her, but I didn’t really see it until she was running in front of me.  When she walks, she uses the foot as normal, but her limpy gait when she runs is strange.  It’s almost as if she lifts her foot because it can’t keep up with the other three.  It certainly doesn’t seem to cause her any pain.

Her limpy run is kind of cute.  It sure doesn’t slow her down, but I shudder to think how she obtained the injury.  We guess that someone reached for her inside her puppy mill pen, grabbed her by the foot and fractured it.  It probably never quite healed properly, thus her limpy run.  However, when I bring her inside out of the rain an wipe her feet, she cowers with her tail between her legs as I dry off her back feet.  Oh, poor girl.  I wish she didn’t have all these bad experiences and phobias.

At least we’re here to give her a better life.  I think the fluffy pink poofy pillow is a testament to her life now.  That and her new game of fluffing that poofy pillow from below.  I call it “Turtle Fluff.”  She bounces around the pillow from below to poof it up, every so often sticking her head out to see what I’m doing.  Oh, so cute.

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Pillow Fluffer

Jasmine loves big, cushy pillows.  Well, who doesn’t? 😀

I’ve made a few poofy pillows out of muslin and fiber fill and covered it with a “baby terrycloth” slip cover.  My crafting skills come in handy in creating disgustingly cute items for my dog.  I do have to admit, I even made a little fleece doggie coat.  It’s white fleece with little paw prints on it.  Hey, she has really short hair, and it gets cold outside, and well, she looks really adorable in her coat…and…um…okay, so it’s sickeningly cute.  Believe me, I don’t believe that dogs are fashion accessories.  My husband, though, shakes his head and chuckles every time I make something new.  But I got off topic, didn’t I?

The funniest thing is Jasmine’s pillow fluffing routine.  Before she snuggles down into the pillow, she has to fluff it.  This includes using her nose to push under the pillow and using her paws and teeth to move the pillow top and poof up the stuffing.  Then, she goes into a typical doggie circuit of turning round and round before settling in.  She has a blanket to match her pink pillow, and she also uses the blanket to create a comfortable nest.  The blanket does double duty for her to hide her bones–very handy to hide those all-important treasures.

Little joys pop up every day.  This is one of them.

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