Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Jasmine’s Christmas (Catching Up)

Working for a start-up company sometimes means that you put some things aside for a while. Unfortunately, this blog went by the wayside as I was planning and executing a new website. So now I’m playing catch-up!

We had a wonderful first Christmas here in the house. Everything was beautiful and white. We decorated the sun room and heated it with the little Vermont Castings stove and put our tree and lights out there. You could see the lights from the tree from the street. With the snow around the yard, it was a magical feeling.

Hubby and I have a “no gifts” tradition. We generally don’t get each other gifts for Christmas, birthdays, our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. Instead, I get to buy a piece of bling every year (I particularly like shiny, sparkly rings) and hubby gets to buy a power tool or two. Of course, this works a bit in my favor because I get to play with the power tools and he just can’t pull of bling like I can. 🙂

This Christmas morning, I awoke and took Jasmine out for her normal morning’s business. I walked out onto the deck, waited for Jasmine to finish, and then walked back in to the sun room. I looked at the tree, and lo and behold, there were a TON of presents that weren’t there the night before. Santa? Well, Santa definitely visited Jasmine. However, Jasmine–that little minx–had gone out and bought a bunch of things for me! How she got that penguin wrapping paper folded and taped with no opposable thumbs…it was very impressive!

Santa brought Jasmine some lovely sweaters and a holiday hedgehog toy! Oh boy! Jasmine gave me some very lovely items. I guess she just wanted to let me know how happy she was here in the house and here with us. And Santa…well, Santa knows that Jasmine is such a love that she would never get NEAR that naughty list!

We all had a lovely Christmas, and it was so nice to share it with Jasmine.

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Merry Christmas

Thank you to everyone who comes to visit and cheerJasmine on in our journey to give her the life she deserves. We’re so happy you’re here, and we hope that Jasmine’s ongoing saga brings you a chuckle or two–but more importantly helps you on your own journey with your canine companion. We know that Jasmine has brought tremendous love to our family. We wish you all the same joy and love in your lives.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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A Quiet Christmas

This is the first year since Hubby and I were married that we didn’t travel back East for Christmas.  Since we’re moving soon, we decided to stay here and work on the house instead of spending the time and money to travel during this hectic time.

While it was nice not having to brave airports, bad weather and living out of a suitcase along with having to kennel Jasmine, it was hard not being around family this year.  We had a small gathering at our house and celebrated quietly and simply.  While it was nice, it was a little lonely.

Jasmine, however, was quite happy to have us here.  Well, that’s being presumptuous.  Jasmine’s Christmas was a leisurely morning in bed followed by a nice dinner complete with Honeybaked Ham scraps from the dinner table and a bag of candy cane-shaped rawhide chewies in her stocking–blissful but just another day in the life of our now pampered pooch.

Jasmine enjoys Christmas morning

Yummy candy cane rawhide bone!

Yummy candy cane rawhide bone!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Jasmine’s Vacation

We’re out of town for the holidays and Jasmine is staying with friends.  We thought it would be a better environment for her than the local kennel–especially since our friends have another rescued dog to keep her company and to help socialize her.

Apparently, Jasmine has acclimated well and has comandeered the other dog’s day bed.  I’m not sure how much she has accepted or bonded with her host family, but I’m hoping that being around new people will help socialize her and make her a more confident dog. 

I’m really missing her, especially at this time of year.  However, I didn’t believe that putting her through the trauma of a cross-country trip would be good for her, no matter how much I wanted her here. 

I hope Santa visits doggies as well.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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