Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Car Safety

As I’ve written before, one of Jasmine’s favorite things to do is to go for rides.  It’s right up there with the “B” word–“BONE!”  She wags her tail and leaps around the room, eyes bright and happy.  We go outside, she does her business and runs to the car door.  I approach, open the door and she runs around in anticipation.  In order to get her into the back seat, I call to her, point to a spot near me that I want her to come to and speak the command “here.”  She comes to the spot, I pick her up and put her in the back seat.

I was concerned with her safety in the back seat after I had to make a short stop one day and she fell into the foot well.  She wasn’t injured, but she could have been.  I went online and found a sling bed for the back seat.  One set of straps fits around the front seat headrests and the other fit around the headrests in the back.  The sling has a nice fleecy pad on the bottom and velvety material on the sides.  Jasmine no longer has to worry about falling down in the back, and the sling also prevents her from trying to climb into the front seat.

I’m also thinking about more ways to keep her safe.  I haven’t been using a harness on her, but she has taken to standing on her hind legs, putting her front paws on the arm rest and sticking her nose out the window as the sights and smells whiz by.  I don’t THINK she could, but there is a very remote possibility that she could propel herself out the window of the car.  So, I’m thinking about tethering her using a harness and a short leash that is secured by the rear seatbelt.

I thought about using the kinds of harnesses that have seatbelt loops on the back, but that would weld her to one spot in the back seat.  Nope.  I want her to be able to explore and move around–she acts more like a regular dog in the car than at any other time…no fear and a happy face–and given her new propensity to play “turtle” with her pillow, I don’t want to cut down on her fun.  This is one of her favorite things, and I’m going to make sure it stays that way, all the while, keeping her safe and secure.

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Back Seat Rider

Jasmine continues to love going for rides in the car, and she’s now taken to standing on her hind legs, resting her front paws on the arm rest and putting her nose out of the back seat window.  She’s just tall enough to peek out of the window and look around, and it’s SO cute to see her like that.  I can imagine that other drivers see that little face and just have to smile.

While she loves the back seat, Jasmine has been also trying to climb into the front.  We just got back from another trip to the East coast, and Jasmine has been particularly clingy today.  It’s understandable–she doesn’t like the kennel, and I have a feeling that she doesn’t sleep much there (she spent all day yesterday in a sleepy stupor).  She was trying, dangerously, to cross the chasm between the back and front seats.  Her nose can just touch the center console.  I took her with me to run an errand, and after the errand, I decided to move her pillow into the front passenger seat so she could reach me.

I secured her adjustable leash with the seatbelt so she wouldn’t go far and put her on her fluffy pillow.  We headed for home.  Instead of settling down, she tried to climb over the center console and into my lap.  Now, I’ve seen these crazy drivers with dogs in their laps, noses hanging out of the driver’s side window.  I will not do that–it’s so dangerous for both the dog and driver.  It wasn’t safe to have her roaming around, so I pulled over into a parking lot and put her back in the back seat.  She wasn’t pleased, but I’d rather have her safe than causing an accident.

So Jasmine is a forever a back-seat rider.  And now that summer is here, she’ll get to be a back seat rider in my convertible, wind whipping her ears around.  🙂


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