Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Raised Expectations

Last week, I was flat on my back with a slightly herniated disc.  I could stand or lie down, but sitting upright was pretty painful.  I stayed prone for most of the week and took lots of ibuprofen to decrease the inflammation.

What that meant for Jasmine was six days of snuggling with me on the bed.  I had a bed caddy to place my laptop on so I could continue working, but she was able to sneak onto my lap at times with her head under the caddy.  She’d also sleep beside me in pure bliss.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have let her hang out with me all day like that.  I should have let her up for some period, then put her back down in her own bed.  Why didn’t I?  Because I had to be ultra careful picking her up and putting her down or I’d make my back injury worse.  And because it was nice having a warm, snuggly dog next to me.

The aftermath of all this is that Jasmine is now pushing to spend much more time on my lap.  We’ve gone back to our usual routine.  When I’m working, I’m usually on my laptop on the couch.  She now does this (cute) little whine/yelp with a slight sit-hop (butt still on the ground, front paws go up) to signify her displeasure of not being welded onto my lap.  She has also jumped up onto the couch twice–and has been immediately been sent back down.

I’m not letting her get her way, but she still has lap time with me when *I* say it’s lap time.  However, the whole experience last week has certainly raised her expectations…she really liked the all-day snuggles and pets.  That she’s being a bit more vocal about what she wants…well, it’s a good thing and a bad thing.  I like that she’s asking for affection, but I want to ensure that I’m still in a leading position.

Of course, that yelp/jump is pretty darn cute.  I’ll have to make her do a few tricks and then give her some lap time when she does ask for it.

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Lap Dog

We’ve started a new morning routine.  I was having trouble with getting Jasmine to “go” every morning, so hubby is taking her out before he goes to work.  He then leaves her in the kitchen along with her breakfast.  I get up, get dressed and go into the kitchen to start the day.

After I go in, I go and sit down near the kitchen sink with my back to the cabinets.  Jasmine runs up, tail wagging, and hops onto my lap for morning pets.  She then jumps down, eats her breakfast (she won’t touch it until I get there…that’s another issue), and then hops back into my lap.  More pets, and I’m off on my routine (breakfast and to my home office).

Jasmine is getting more affectionate and more like a “normal” dog.  She’s starting to play with her toys, she is chewing on dental bones, she hams it up for treats…oh it’s so nice to see!

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