Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Jasmine the Protector

Jasmine is loving the fall. She gets very rompy and frisky out in the chilly fall air. She’s sniffing all the chipmunk holes and having a dandy time.

I took her out the other day, and she romped down the brick path and turned the corner around the far side of the house. All of a sudden, I heard a light wooft. And another wooft. Not a bark, a wooft. It sounds like a little woof with a puff of air right after. A couple of more woofts, and I thought there was some sort of animal in the yard causing alarm.

I walked down to the corner and peered around. Jasmine was tail-up, ears-up at attention staring at…the new utility trailer parked on the side of the house.

Apparently, the trailer was an evil threat to her yard, her territory. She was giving a warning wooft to show it who’s boss.

It must have worked. The evil has been vanquished, and the trailer no longer poses a threat.

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Happy Anniversary Jasmine

Today is the two-year anniversary of our welcoming Jasmine into our home. We’ve come a really long way, and we can’t imagine what life would be like without her.

Two years ago, Jasmine:

  • Didn’t know what a treat was and didn’t like dog biscuits
  • Didn’t know what a leash or collar was (and sure as heck didn’t like them) and hated to go for walks
  • Would not play with toys because she didn’t know what they were
  • Used to squeeze behind my back as I sat on the floor so she could hide
  • Held her tail tucked under almost all the time and never wagged it


  • Jasmine wakes me up every morning at 5:30 a.m. so she can come on the bed and snuggle
  • Greets me excitedly when I come from work with a huge waggy tail and prancing pony hops
  • Leaps for joy when it’s time for a treat or dinner
  • Stands at attention with her cutest face on when we’re eating
  • Still hates to go for walks but loves to go outside
  • Gives kisses
  • Plays with her toys (still loves the screaming monkey the best)
  • Romps through the house
  • Comes running at full speed when called
  • Seriously fluffs her bed before settling down
  • Woofs at me when she feels that I’m working too hard and demands that I put down the computer and put her on my lap

She still has challenges with trust and may never be fully socialized, but I am so pleased with how much she’s come out of her shell. I’m glad that whatever life she had before coming to us is over. She’s a sweet, gentle, funny little dog who deserves all the love and kindness that we can give her. Looking at her sleeping on her fluffy little blankets on her puffy bed, she’s exactly where she should be…as an integral member of this family.

Happy Anniversary Jasmine. We’re so glad you’re here.


Flying Dog

Jasmine has been exploring the lush back yard and growing more confident.  Each day, she goes a little further, following the aromas of unknown critters that pass through our yard.  The nice thing is that she comes back to me when I call.  When we first got here–fuhgettaboutit!  She was crazed with all those new scents.  These days, her recall is very good.

What *I* love about the recalls is the way she responds.  I call her to come and clap my hands.  Her head pops up and she sets out in a full boar run towards me.  If you’ve never seen a dachshund run, you’re missing out.  Running dachshunds look like they are flying–and they are.  It seems that Jasmine’s legs don’t even touch the ground as she flies through the back yard towards me.  Her ears flap as the wind whips them about.  She runs with considerable speed and grace–she’s by my side in seconds.

Of course, the side-effects of a flying dog is hat seconds after running into the house, she’s on her bed in a deep doggie coma.  Running is hard work!

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Shadow Dog

Has it been years since you’ve had the luxury of going to the bathroom alone in your own home?  Do you have glimmery eyes watching your every move?  Do you feel guilty for getting up to go put a piece of paper napkin into the trash because you disturbed the quiet slumber of your best friend?  Do you look before you step because you don’t know what you’ll be stepping on?  If your answers to these questions were “yes” then you have a Shadow Dog.

A Shadow Dog follows you everywhere.  She watches your every move.  If you’re taking a shower, she waits patiently at the shower door for you to emerge (she sometimes even paws at the door to hurry you up).  If you’re cooking dinner, you have to look around you before moving to the fridge lest you step on or trip over your furry friend.  If you’re in the recliner, you have to make sure the pup is out of the way before putting down the foot rest.  And if you’re lonely, you only have to look down to see a friendly face, adoring eyes and a waggy tail to cheer you up.

Jasmine is my lovely shadow.  While Hubby was taking care of the California home and I was out here, Jasmine kept me from being too sad.  It was quiet here–I don’t know many people–so Jasmine and I were alone most days and nights.  But her constant presence made me feel so much less alone.  When I was unpacking the house, she made sure to “help” by sticking her nose in my face every chance she could or laying on things that I took out of the boxes (she especially liked it when I found the “dog beds” box).  In the quiet of night (well, days are quiet here too), she’d perk her ears up at the creaky noises of the house.  Of course, her “watch dog” capabilities were much less effective when she was under the bed or nightstand.

On the rare occasion that she doesn’t follow me–usually when she’s in a “doggy coma” state on her dog bed and can’t be bothered to follow me–I actually miss her.  I like having her with me.  I like her bounding ahead of me, waiting for me to catch up and then bounding ahead again.  I like her hiding behind my robes in my closet when I get dressed.  I like her snuggling on my robe as I take a shower.

Right now, she’s sleeping in her dog bed at the foot of my chair.  I’ve had a rough couple of days and watching her sleep…well it’s better than any other “therapy.”  My little shadow makes the world brighter and happier.  Nice.


More Changes On The Way

I’m glad that Jasmine is taking change well because more changes are on the way.  I (unexpectedly) landed a job in New Hampshire–much sooner than I ever anticipated–and I’ll be out of the house at my job in the very near future.

This is a total departure from what Jasmine knows.  For the last two years, I  have been working from home.  She has been with me every day except when hubby and I have been on trips.  She has been my constant companion, and I know that she is going to have to adjust to a new schedule and routine.  However, I’ve been fairly busy over the last few weeks, and she has been alone in the house for four to six hours at a time with no adverse effects.  When I return home, I immediately take her outside.  She then gets lots of pets and attention and a bone for good behavior.  She loves the phrase, “Have you been a good girl?” because she knows it will be followed by, “Would you like a BONE?”  Ah, the exuberant jumps make me laugh from the inside out…I feel her joy.

I leave Jasmine in the kitchen when I’m out.  All the exits from the kitchen can be closed by louvered doors.  However, they are only secured using magnetic catches.  After a few times of being left in the kitchen, Jasmine figured out that she could push the doors open.  I marveled at her problem solving skills and could just hear the gears in her brain working as she puzzles through the “how do I get to the comfy carpet in the family room” problem.  I solved the issue by using hair elastic bands to secure the doors together.  No more escape, little dog.

I usually exit the house through the basement, and Jasmine HATES it when I go down the stairs.  She sits in front of the basement door crying…I can hear her whine after I (quickly) close the door and walk down the stairs.  She does the same thing as she anticipates my return.  The sound of the garage door opening makes her jump up with anticipation and wait by the basement door for me to emerge (according to hubby).  I hear her crying as I walk up the stairs, and I call my standard call, “Is there a pup-pup in the house?”  She jumps with glee when the door opens, and I am welcomed back with no ill feelings.

That and a hug and a kiss from hubby make my day. Unfortunately, hubby is still in the other house in California and won’t be out here for weeks.  Without Jasmine, I’d be a total wreck (compared to only the lonely, partial wreck that I am) missing hubby.  Thank goodness for little dogs.

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Selling The House

The house went on the market late yesterday, and we’ve already had some interest.  In fact, we’re having several showings today.

What that means for Jasmine is that she will have to sit contentedly in her crate as strangers (eek!) walk through the house.  There will be times when I/we take her with us before a showing, but given the running around I’ve been doing, that won’t be possible all the time.

The good news is that with all her crate rest, Jasmine is comfy with the crate.  Her favorite blanket is in there along with her monkey and her Kong toy.  She willingly goes in there to nap.  And now, it will be a small sanctuary as we go through this (hopefully short) process of selling the house.

The house looks fabulous.  After months of packing, moving, painting, flooring, carpeting and other renovation, it is sparkly and beautiful.  Jasmine particularly likes the way the sun shines through the newly-clean windows in her favorite spot.

Jasmine enjoyes the house renovations.  Doesn't she look TINY?

Jasmine enjoyes the house renovations. Doesn't she look TINY?

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Snuggle Time

Jasmine had come in from “doing her business” the other day when she saw her favorite spot in the living room and ran towards it.  In the afternoon, the sun shines through the bay window onto the carpet.  The empty house just accentuated the spot…a huge bright beacon of warmth called to her.

Jasmine went to the spot and laid down.  The warmth hit her body and she just sighed.  So did I.  I went over to her and laid down on the carpet with her.  She moved in for a snuggle.  No, it wasn’t crate rest, but it WAS rest.  She put her head on my shoulder and promptly started to snore a happy little snore.  The sunshine was too much of an enticement for me as well…I fell off into a little nap.  Some time later as the sun moved from us, we both awoke, refreshed and happy.

Sometimes a little snuggle time is a necessity.

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Kibble Eater

Since we got Jasmine, we’ve been feeding her kibble mixed with some wet food and water.  When we first got her, she refused to eat dry kibble.  She would sniff it and walk away.  She would have nothing to do with it unless we mixed some yummy wet food in with the dry.  Oh, my pampered pooch.  We then started mixing in about 1/2 cup of water in with the wet to make a gravy and to give her plenty of hydration.  Jasmine doesn’t seem to drink much water, and we were worried that she was not getting enough to stay healthy.

Well, tonight I found out that I’ve been played.  Now, that probably doesn’t surprise any of you Dachshund owners out there to find out that a 10-pound hound has manipulated her way into gourmet food.  However, it might surprise you to know that she allowed me to SEE that I’ve been played.

When I was fixing her dinner tonight, I was thinking of the 18 things I have to do this week.  I put her wet food/water mixture into the microwave (15 seconds takes the chill out of the refrigerated wet food…YES…I KNOW…I KNOW…).  In my preoccupation, I put down her dish with the dry kibble in it instead of waiting until the wet food was mixed in.  To my surprise, Jasmine jumped on it and started crunching away.

Dry kibble!  She’s eating dry kibble.  Waitaminute.  She’s eating dry kibble!

All this time, I thought she poo-poo’d dry kibble.  As she crunched away, everything became clear.  I’d been played.

So what did I do?  I poured the water/wet food mixture in her bowl and she happily lapped away.  Everything is as it should be.


A Very New Year

It’s a new year.  A very new year.

This year, we’re moving and changing our lives.  I wonder how Jasmine will react to all these changes.  Right now, we’re in the beginning stages of packing and renovating our home.  For the last two weeks, our house–and our routine–has been in complete disarray.  Jasmine, the little trooper that she is, has been with me at every step.

As usual, she follows me everywhere.  These days, “everywhere” means hours of moving from one room to the next while I’m sorting through stuff, tossing things in the trash, making and packing boxes, demolishing a bathroom floor (and tiling and grouting a new floor) and much more.  I’m moving around much more than she’s used to.  Which means she’s getting much more indoor exercise than she is used to.  It’s a good thing since it’s the rainy season, and we don’t get out on walks much.

She watches me with curiosity and a bit of nervousness.  She obviously doesn’t understand what’s going on and why things are different.  As I stated in my last post, I think she can sense my stress as well.  I love having her close to me and I reach out for some pet therapy when I’m feeling blue (which included today, when the back window of my convertible ripped out right before a rain storm) or when she’s looking a bit in need of a good scratching or lap session.  Hubby and I have been spending evenings vegging in the living room.  I realized that she needs more attention, so I’m bringing her up on the couch as I veg for some much needed lap time while I veg.

The next few months are going to be hard, and I’m hoping that Jasmine actually benefits from it.  It might make her a bit more resilient and adaptable.  I hope.  Regardless, she’s with us and she’s loved.

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My First Dachshund Encounter

This is a little off the topic of Jasmine, but I wanted to share how I was first introduced to Dachshunds.  They’ve been my favorite dogs since childhood simply because of one funny little encounter–I’ve loved these little dogs ever since.

When I was around six years old, my parents took my brother and I over to visit one of their friends–a grand lady with a grand house.  This lady had two little doxies–both smooth reds–who were cute, sweet and very friendly.  I think what I liked about these dogs, besides the fact that they were so cute, was that they were smaller than me.

Our previous dog–a german short-haired pointer named Sukoshi was a huge, lumbering bundle of love.  While Sukoshi (which means “a little” in Japanese…a play on words for this dog) was my protector and a loyal family member, he couldn’t come with us when we emigrated to California from Okinawa, Japan.  So while I was familiar with dogs (including little rat dogs that were owned by friends of ours back in Okinawa), the dachshunds were a bit of a wonder to me when I met them.

Their wagging tails, their floppy ears, their cute little trot and gait, their unabashed desire for pets and treats–oh, I was in love.  I frankly don’t remember much from that period except for strong memories of events that really made an impression, and these dogs were burned into my memory and my heart.

The grand lady gave my brother and I dog biscuits to give to the dachshunds.  We had never seen Milk-Bones before in our lives, so we thought these cute cookies were for us.  As the dachshunds clamored for the treats around us, my brother and I ate them.  Boy, were they crunchy.  And boy, were the dachshunds NOT amused.  “Hey Mom, those munchkins ate OUR treats!”

That was my first dachshund encounter.  And look at where it has taken me (as I type over the dacshund happily sleeping in my lap).  Those dogs made such an impression that Jasmine is here with me today.  And just like those first dachshunds, I love her wagging tail, floppy ears, cute little trot and gain and unabashed desire for pets and treats.  At least these days, I don’t eat the Milk-Bones.  At least not in Jasmine’s presence! ;-D

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