Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Easy Rider

My husband has recently started using public transportation to get to work.  His company subsidizes the use of CalTrain.  We’re about 3 miles away from the train station.  Since the weather is still good, he’s been taking his bike to/from the station and the office.

The exercise has been great for him, and it has also prompted me to dust off my bicycle and start riding again.  Of course, Jasmine is not going to be able to keep up with a 10-15 MPH ride, so I ordered a doggie basket for my bike.  It is supposed to arrive via UPS tomorrow.

We’ve been taking weekend rides as well as our Sunday walks down to Starbucks.  The Starbucks trips give all of us about 45 minutes of walking time, while the rides have been shorter–around 30 minutes.  However, Jasmine has not been able to share in our rides, so I’m looking forward to having her with us when we explore the neighborhood.

I’m not sure how well she’s going to take to the basket.  I know that she loves to go for car rides, but those rides are more enclosed and she also has room to run around in the back seat.  She also has a tendency to play as we ride in the car–she loves playing “turtle” with her pillow and she has also discovered that burrowing under the fleecy cushion of the back seat sling is great fun.  The basket–the Solvit Tagalong Deluxe–is nice and soft on the inside, but it’s not made for jumping, running or burrowing.  It has a safety leash to keep her from jumping out and a sun shield for warm days.

We’ll just have to see if she takes to the new mode of transportation–and whether my currently-weak thighs can take another 11 pounds of pedal weight.  🙂  I’ll let you know!

Measure twice before ordering!

Measure twice before ordering!

UPDATE: Um, make sure to measure your dog BEFORE you get one of these carriers. Jasmine, a moderate sized mini at about 10.5 pounds, just fits carrier.  She has to curl around a bit to fit, but she seems okay.  I was worried at first because I couldn’t get her to sit down it it and it seemed WAY too small.  Of course, with anything new she’s somewhat uncomfortable, so I’m going to take small steps to get her accustomed to the carrier before we venture out on the bike.  I put one of her blankets in there to make it a bit more familiar and comfy.  I have a feeling that a little pink cushion will be inhabiting the bottom of the carrier soon!

UPDATE 2: AAARRRGGGHHHHH! Unfortunately, the metal bracket that comes with the carrier does NOT fit on my bike.  My bike’s front brakes are wired through the handlebar stem and down the front stem of the bike where it then yokes onto the front brakes.  Of course, the brake line is in the exact area where the bracket’s brace leans onto the stem.  The brace is about 1.5 inches wide and pushes against the brake line.  I spoke to the owner of the shop where I bought the basket, and he told me that I’d probably have the same problems (or worse–instability) with other baskets.  So, it’s probably time to think about a doggie trailer.  Oh boy!

Disclaimer:  All discussion about products on this blog are made independently and are solely stories and/or opinions based upon personal experiences with the products.  I am not affiliated with any company producing or selling these products.

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Our Favorite Things

My thoughts on car safety have prompted me to think about the things that I have acquired and now regularly use for Jasmine.  Here are a few of my/her favorite things (I don’t think you can easily fit them into the song, but hey, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to rhyme!).  Sorry if some of these are listed in prior postings…AND note that I have no interest or affiliation with any of these products or companies.  🙂

Food and Treats


  • Kong Toys – Dental Kong with Rope – Unfortunately, this product doesn’t appear on the Kong site; it has probably been discontinued, so I better hurry and get another one.  Jasmine’s rope has been happily shredded.  She does like the small Classic Kong when it’s filled with cheese (which dog wouldn’t?).
  • Flying Screaming Monkey toy – No, it’s not a dog toy.  But it is Jasmine’s absolute favorite toy.  The first time she heard that monkey scream and saw it fly, it was love at first sight.  She went tearing across the room, picked up the poor little monkey and shook it like crazy.  I’ve been watching her very closely as she plays with this toy, and I removed the button eyes with a pair of pliers.  She will be graduating to her second monkey soon.
  • Any rope toy – Jasmine loves rope toys.  We play a bit of Tug, but she mainly loves to shred the ropes.  This extends to toys that have ropes built into them including the mini-size Chuck-A-Duck from Fat Cat, Inc’s Doggy Hoots line.  If you haven’t checked out their colorful, whimsical toys, you’re missing out!  Boy are they fun!


  • Puppia Dog Harness – Nicely made harness.  Apparently, I stumbled upon a doggie fashion empire.  The Bobsleigh coat with the faux fur trimmed hood might be appropriate for winters in New Hampshire and Jasmine will be fashionable as well as warm.  Um, maybe NOT.
  • Pet Hair Eliminator brush – With rubber bristles, this brush is great for short-haired dogs and also doubles as a lint/hair removal brush.  I also have a standard bristle brush, but Jasmine prefers this one.  It’s gentle on her, and she loves the way it feels when I brush her neck and chest.  She stretches her neck like a howling coyote and just melts when I brush her…
  • Custom leashes and collars – Check out my “What I Made” blog for instructions on how to make your own.  It’s easy and you can make them from any cool fabric you find.
  • Fluffy pillows – When I first got Jasmine, a local Freecycle participant gave me a doggie bed.  Her dachsund had passed away, and she was happy that another dachshund would have use of it.  She also gave me a dog carrier.  One of the first pictures I took of Jasmine is her on the bed…and I sent the Freecylcler the picture.  I have also made Jasmine a series of pillows.  Given the unbelieveable cost of dog beds at the pet store ($60 for a pillow???), I went to the fabric store, bought some fabric (muslin for the pillow, fleece and baby terry cloth for the cover) and some fiber fill and created some simple pillows.  I made the pillows out of the muslin and then made covers with the fabric for easy laundering.  Total cost to make a $60-sized pillow:  About $10.  The extra fabric was used to make a small winter jacket and some blankets as well.
  • Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Quilted Rear Seat Hammock – Yes, this is the “sling” that I wrote about in the last post (and forgot the link).  I got two of the single hammocks and used giant snaps from the fabric store to attatch them together (if you don’t there’s a gap in the middle).  This way, I can take out just half of the hammock when there’s a 3rd person in the car (usually my Mom) and still have the safety hammock in place for Jasmine.

Sorry for the long post.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say about products later!

Disclaimer:  All discussion about products on this blog are made independently and are solely stories and/or opinions based upon personal experiences with the products.  I am not affiliated with any company producing or selling these products.

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