Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

I Will Protect You

We are proud to have non-barky Dachshunds. Jasmine and Juliet are relatively quiet dogs with very few of the hyper and barky tendencies of most Dachshunds. However, that also means that they don’t alert us to ‘dangers’ (intruders, squirrels, etc.). This changed the other day when we got a furniture delivery.

We confined the dogs in my upstairs office while we were waiting for our new couch to be delivered. Both dogs LOVE to ‘go to work’ with me due to the positive reinforcement (aka TREATS) they get for going into the office and the crate. So, I put them up there for the duration of the furniture delivery to reduce their stress and to keep them out of the way.

The furniture guys arrived, and all of a sudden, I heard BARKING. I thought it was the neighbor dog, but lo and behold, it was Juliet alerting us to the noise (aka DANGER). Really??!!! The delivery guys laughed and called, “Hey doggie, it’s okay!” to no avail. It’s one more step towards ‘normal’ doggie-hood for Juliet. I’m SO pleased!

Of course, one of the reasons we got the new couch was to give the dogs the ability to hang with both of us as we lounge in the family room. And they were both rewarded with a snuggle.

Juliet Dachshund

Snuggly Juliet on the new couch

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Juliet has now been with us for 16 months, and she’s finally coming into her own.

Mornings are great. Both pups now sleep together in a large crate in our bedroom. In the morning, when we let them out, they both are happy and playful. Juliet loves to zoom back and forth, running at full speed and stopping on a dime. It’s really fun to watch. Her tail wags furiously, and she rolls over to get some tummy scratchies and love.

Jasmine has still been trying to engage Juliet in play, and Juliet is just beginning to respond. Jasmine chases her for a lap or two when Juliet zooms around the room, and she tries to get Juliet to wrestle (no, Juliet won’t go for that). It’s so fun to watch, and it’s still astounding to see our shy Jasmine trying to engage Juliet!

The big change, though, was Juliet’s interest in a toy. She has ignored just about everything until this week. I was working on some embroidery, and the ball of perle cotton rolled by her. She tried to bite it. So I got a rope toy and gave it to her. Much to my surprise, she started chewing on it, pulling on the rope, etc.

It’s a great sign of progress. Juliet is definitely getting to be more outgoing and interactive, and it’s a great thing to watch her life unfold.

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Sea of Pee

I’m disappointed.

The bouts of intestinal distress continue with the pups, but at least we know root causes and cures. We had our annual holiday party on Saturday, and last night, Juliet had another bout. When we discovered it this morning, we  just cleaned it (and her) up and went about our normal “back on track” routine. NO food today to give her tummy a rest, and then a chicken and rice diet until she’s back on track. We’re now used to the cycle; if her routine gets disturbed and she’s in distress, her tummy shows it. Okay. We’re on board with that and we know how to deal. What I wasn’t prepared for, though, was the discovery under our bed. The sea of pee.

Apparently, Juliet has been using our bed as a stealth toilet. She and Jasmine romp around the bedroom before bedtime. Apparently, she was taking a few seconds every now and then to relieve herself. What’s surprising is that she had never been shy about doing that in FRONT of us before; however, I had not discovered that she had also been doing this out of our sight. That shouldn’t be surprising, I know. But I’ve looked underneath the bed before. This time, I spotted a dark blotch which I had thought had been from the night before. It had not. And, after closer inspection, there were spots all over the carpet under the bed.

So, one quart of Nature’s Miracle and four bath towels later, I’m tired and really disappointed. I had thought we were making progress with Juliet’s house training. I guess I was wrong. Juliet is now under strict observation again. I’m so disappointed in the setback.

Of course, there is a slight chance that I’m attributing this to the wrong dog. Jasmine COULD be the culprit. That would be an even bigger disappointment.

I’ll get over it. But right now, I’m pretty bummed out.

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Challenges and Victories

Juliet is coming up on her two-month anniversary with us, and while we’ve made marked progress with her, she’s still far from settled.

First, my new nickname is “The Pee Whisperer.” LOL! Yes, hubby is having a hard time getting her to go at times. But when I take her out–BOOM–within 30 seconds she’s in full squat. My hubby has given me unmentionable hand signals when this happens. He’s just jealous. 😉

However, Juliet is still not housebroken, and we had another couple of bouts of diarrhea since we had her treated for Giardia. The first recurrence made us run back to the vet. He ran a full course of blood tests and a Giardia culture. ALL of it came back negative. $250 and the cure was another course of antibiotics and a bland diet. The diarrhea recurred again last week, and this time, we just went back to the bland diet and she seems to be on the mend. We’re guessing that she might have a food intolerance, so we’re going to slowly move her back to a regular diet and see its impact. After that, we’ll start adding back treats one at a time to determine if any one of the items we’ve been giving her have been causing the issues. We’re also not going to be giving her table food at all to ensure that we’re not causing the issues.

We also sense that part of her food issues might be emotional upset. The first recurrence was right after our big holiday party. She had people coming up to the bedroom to peer at her all night long, and it was hard on her. The second upset was right after the New Year–we went up to visit friends in Maine, and it was her first road trip. Perhaps events are causing her distress, or even the change in diet during these events (our friend gave her tons of treats…).

On the more positive side, Juliet seems to be learning that this is home and we are HER people. She was in the crate today as we were taking down the remaining holiday decorations. We crated her to ensure that she didn’t get underfoot while we were running around–or that she didn’t leave a “present” when we weren’t watching. She whined and pawed at the crate door…she could see us in the next room, but she couldn’t be with us! She also exhibited the same behavior last night when we crated her during our meal when we were visiting my father-in-law. She’s part of our pack and she wants to be with us…YAY!

Jasmine continues to blossom. She’s a happy, waggy-tailed darling these days. No more sad eyes and scaredy-dog looks. Next to Juliet, she’s the happy, NORMAL dog. It’s so good to see her make progress, and I’m hoping for the same with Juliet someday. I know it will take time…I’m just impatient to see her happy and waggy. Good dog!


A Second Dachshund—We Finally Did It!


Juliet dachshund

Jasmine Juliet dachshund

Meet Juliet, a 6-year-old long-hair mini Dachshund, and the newest member of our family!

Yes, we finally did it. After YEARS of debating the subject, we finally brought another dachshund into our home! Juliet came from Wooffun, a local rescueorganization. She is a long-haired miniature dachshund, black & tan dapple piebald (say that five times fast!). She was brought up to New Hampshire from a backyard breeder in South Carolina–one of 18 dogs in the breeder’s stock. He became too old to continue managing his dogs, so he reached out to a local vet to find homes for his dogs.

While Juliet isn’t a puppy mill rescue, her demeanor, lack of training, etc. shows me that she wasn’t a pet. She isn’t housebroken. She is pretty skittish and shy. But she IS socialized to other dogs and familiar people, and she does love a warm lap. Points for her.

Juliet came up with two other dogs–Twix and Misty. When we met her at the foster home, she was socialized to these dogs and comfortable in a pack environment. We took Jasmine to meet Juliet, and it was clear that both dogs were submissive, gentle and relatively low-energy. It was a good match.

We brought Juliet home that night, and we found Jasmine suspicious, but tolerant. The picture on the right shows Jasmine giving us the “Save Me” look. Okay, it’s going to be an adjustment!



Juliet enjoying a warm lapJasmine Juliet DachshundJuliet is very skittish. She is very afraid of loud noises. She runs incessantly until she finally runs out of steam and then settles down. However, if she finds a lap, she’s calm. And we found out that she’s a jumper. She jumps all over the furniture. We never let Jasmine jump, but Juliet is a pro. Okay.

She has a lot of parallels to Jasmine when she first came to us. She’s a nervous nellie when it comes to eating. She isn’t food oriented. She’s tremendously skittish. She’s definitely not housebroken.

But she has a lot of traits that make me feel that she’ll come along faster than Jasmine. She is okay with laps and petting (she jumps up on our laps!). She likes rawhide bones (only when we’re not around). She comes close to us without “corralling.”

But, how is Jasmine doing? Absolutely fabulous!! We found the RIGHT dog to bring into our home. Jasmine is blossoming. Competition is bringing her out of her shell. If Juliet is getting scratchies, Jasmine will come over to hubby and demand the same. She’s seeking him out for lap time. She even has learned manners in the short time Juliet has been in the house and doesn’t tear after Juliet’s food after she’s snarfed her own!

Such progress in just a few weeks! We’re so happy to have Juliet in our new home. And, of course, this blog will probably be more active now that we have so many more stories to tell. I already have a few in the queue waiting to be told.


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