Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

5:30 A.M.

That’s Jasmine’s new wake-up time.

My alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. during the week. But I guess with the longer and lighter days, Jasmine believes that this is too late. She’s up at 5:30, complete with full-body shakes and ear flaps and attention-getting hand nudges.

I try to calm her down and get her back to sleep. She comes over, spins around a couple of times, and plops next to me in a fit of exhaustion. Those full body shakes and nose-to-hand nudges are really energy-sapping, I guess. Of course, she promptly falls into a deep, snore-bound sleep.

Right before the 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off.


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Ring! Ring! Whine! Part II

It’s amusing to think that Jasmine knows that when I call in the evening, it means I’m coming home. It’s so cute that she reacts and makes me feel that she misses me.

However, Jasmine’s doggie ESP is getting to be uncanny.

In the last two weeks, I’ve had a number of evening business events that I have attended after work. Instead of calling to say that I’m coming home, I have been calling hubby to let him know I’m on my way to the event of the day. These calls have taken place around the same time that I would be calling to announce my impending return home, so Jasmine doesn’t have a clue that the call is for another purpose.

I had assumed that the timing of the call was Jasmine’s cue that I was coming home soon. Nope. When I’ve called to let Hubby know that I was safely on my way to the event, she has remained stoically silent. No whine. No sitting up in her bed, ears perked. She just continues to lay there, not a whine or a whimper.

It’s as if she knows that I’m not coming home YET. So there’s no reason to get all excited.

Perhaps it’s Hubby’s tone of voice. Perhaps she really does have a Doggie ESP connection to me. Either way, it’s still kind of cool.

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This weekend, I finally had the time to clean the house. I wanted to do some heavy-duty cleaning in the bathrooms, so I left Jasmine downstairs in her usual spot and closed the doors to the hallway that leads to the stairs. She’s used to being enclosed in the space–which includes the family room and the kitchen–so I didn’t think she’d be worried or upset.


I finished cleaning upstairs and when I came down, I opened the doors and walked into the family room. I saw Jasmine standing right in front of a GIANT puddle in the middle of the floor. She scurried away, and I just stood there, flabbergasted. It was clear that this was a “revenge pee” for my abandoning her. I was in the HOUSE. I left her ALONE. I enclosed  her so she couldn’t FOLLOW ME wherever I went.

Shame on me.

Boy, she showed me.

Of course, I didn’t catch the offender in action, so I couldn’t admonish her directly.

But I COULD mutter under my breath and give her the evil eye. She stayed away for a few minutes, until the coast (and my mood) was clear. She’s no dummy.


Ring! Ring! Whine!

I call home every evening as I’m leaving the office to let my husband know when I’ll be home. Jasmine has now equated both the phone ringing and the time of day to my arrival. Let’s see…phone rings in the early evening. 20 minutes later, Mom is home. Therefore, that ringing noise followed by Dad speaking means that Mom is coming home!

These days, Jasmine begins to whine when my Hubby answers the phone when I call before my departure from work. If I call during the day, she doesn’t bat an eyelash. But that early evening call…oh, the wait begins.

It’s so nice to be loved.


That’s Mine

We went out with my Mom today for our weekly Saturday luncheon. Until the weather gets better, Jasmine can’t come with us; and even then, there aren’t many dog-friendly eating establishments around here, so her participation in our weekly outings will be limited. So Jasmine stays home in her comfy bed while we’re out for a few hours every Saturday.

When we returned home, we walked into the family room to greet the pup. Instead of being in her comfy bed, she was in…MY chair. My leather recliner. My leather recliner that she’s not supposed to be on without me.

She has never climbed on the furniture since we moved here a year ago. Yet there she was today, ears perked, head up, covered with her little pink blankie (that I use when she lays on my lap). She stared with us with a stoic lack of concern for her obvious (to us) poor judgment and bad behavior. She then jumped off (oy!) the chair and ran up to us in greeting.

Hubby told me that she has now claimed the chair. It’s hers. She owns the chair.

Somehow, I know at the pit of my stomach that he’s RIGHT. Even if I blockade the chair, there was a look of claim in those shiny little eyes. Let’s call it a Dachshund stare-down. She stared at me and claimed, “Mine.”

You KNOW that look, don’t you?


Jasmine the Burrower

It’s getting chilly. Mornings are in the 30’s. Days…they are still fair, but the evenings have also been brisk.

We keep the house temp fairly cool–especially at night. Jasmine has finally discovered the joys of burrowing through this experience. Instead of fluffing her fleece blankets, Jasmine has been diving under them and using her nose, mouth and paws to encase herself in their warmth. At first glance, she doesn’t even look like she’s there, but upon a more careful examination, there’s a little rise and fall happening as Jasmine snoozes. Uh, the snoring is a dead give-away as well.

Now that Jasmine is comfortable with not being able to see everything around her as she rests, I think it might be a great time to get her a comfy burrowing bed for her winter comfort. FetchDog has a great looking one called the Cozy Cave that looks well-made, comfortable and (most importantly) easy to care for. Since Jasmine’s incontinence hasn’t entirely disappeared (she sometimes has some issues when she’s in a very deep sleep), being able to launder the entire bed is important.

Jasmine becomes more relaxed and animated every day. She’s playing, demanding attention, romping in the leaves and attacking her “flea” toy. Burrowing is another step in the right direction.

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Leaf Romping

I can’t believe it’s October already. Fall has arrived and the leaves are turning brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. Many of them have hit the ground in our yard. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them until I have to help rake them up.

Jasmine’s demeanor has been changing with the weather. Perhaps the vacation had a positive effect on her. Perhaps little critters have been running through our yard in preparation for winter. Whatever the reason, Jasmine has been a rompy little creature this week. In the morning and in the evening when I take her out before I leave for work and after I return home, Jasmine goes bounding through the leaves in full bunny mode. Bounce bounce bounce she goes as she romps through the yard, tail up and waggy, ears flapping. She sniffs the air, the ground, she bounces through the yard and then runs her “circuit” around the stone wall, up the side of the hill and down the stone steps back to me. It’s so fun to watch because in those brief moments, she is pure doggie joy.

She runs back to me with her tail wagging and comes up on the deck, ready to go back inside to her comfy bed, toys and warm lap. Watching her brings light to my day. It’s so good to see her so happy.

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Peppy Pup

Jasmine continues to blossom in our new home. I wonder what it is about this house or this area that has made her happier, more lively and finally coming out of her shell. Perhaps it’s because the period before our move was so chaotic. It took two months of 12-hour days to sort and pack our belongings in preparation for the move. I know that dogs are very sensitive to our moods, and I’m sure I was less than calm, cool and collected when we were in preparation mode.

After we moved here, I was able to unpack, arrange and decorate at my leisure. I relaxed. From day one, Jasmine just seemed to like it here better. The first visit to the back yard was a huge awakening for her. She sniffed her way throughout the yard and explored scents that were new and exciting. She romped through the grass bounding with joy as she discovered her new territory. She seemed to relax here much more than at the California home. It was as if she was really home. Strange.

The past few weeks have marked other changes for Jasmine. While her incontinence problem has subsided a bit, it still continues to be a worry. We’re taking her out more often which has helped, but I still don’t know what the root cause is of her bed-wetting. That she continues to lie in the bed after soiling it…well, I think that could be a hold-over from her puppy mill days.

However, there are significant positive changes in her as well. She’s become a more peppy pup. She initiates play with me–something she hasn’t done much of in the past. She is a much more peppy, waggy dog that demands attention and fun. Every night, she has been expectantly waiting for “training” sessions. We practice her tricks and behaviors (we’re currently working on “stay”), but to her, it’s just a chance to get some Simon & Huey’s Soft Training Treats–woo hooo! If I don’t play with her, she sits in front or behind me and woofs a little (and includes a bunny hop for emphasis).

We can clearly see how much happier she is. Every day, she seems to relax a little bit more. Hubby says she’s becoming more like a dog each day she is here. She’s breaking from her past traumas and enjoying her life here. That’s what we hoped for so very long ago, and we’re so happy we can give her the life she so deserves.

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Coming Home

Every evening when I come home, Jasmine bolts out of the family room, her rear-end wagging madly and her body jumping with glee. She runs circles around me in joy and makes my arrival a huge occasion.

What I didn’t know is that there’s a routine before I get home. As my husband reports, Jasmine is attuned to the sounds of my arrival.

The garage door goes up. Jasmine jumps up from her bed and leaps out. She whines, cries and/or yips a bit. She runs to the end of the coffee table and sits down on the rug. She waits, her head alert and her ears at attention. The garage door goes down. She stares intently at the hallway to the kitchen. She hears footsteps on the basement stairs. I come through the basement door in the kitchen and place my briefcase and purse on the kitchen table. I call out, “Is there a pup-pup in the house?”

Then, and only then, Jasmine bolts out of the family room and runs to me, wagged rear and all. I never knew of the “wait and pounce” ritual that went before the joy. Apparently, this is a daily occurrence. It’s funny that she waits for the cue before running into the kitchen rather than running and waiting at the door. It’s her routine, and she’s stickin’ to it.

Funny dog. 🙂

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On My Feet

Aren’t dogs supposed to sit AT your feet–not ON your feet?

As my official shadow, Jasmine makes sure that I am properly showered, coiffed, dressed and ready for a new day. As I’m drying my hair or brushing my teeth, Jasmine insists on sitting or laying on my feet. I understand that she loves physical contact–she’s very snuggly with me. But this strange practice only occurs in the bathroom in the morning.

I love Jasmine’s little quirks. She never fails to make me smile by just being herself. I’m looking forward to a cold winter’s morning with a puppy on my toes. Then again, she might not like my cold winter feet.

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