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A Second Dachshund—We Finally Did It!

on November 27, 2011


Juliet dachshund

Jasmine Juliet dachshund

Meet Juliet, a 6-year-old long-hair mini Dachshund, and the newest member of our family!

Yes, we finally did it. After YEARS of debating the subject, we finally brought another dachshund into our home! Juliet came from Wooffun, a local rescueorganization. She is a long-haired miniature dachshund, black & tan dapple piebald (say that five times fast!). She was brought up to New Hampshire from a backyard breeder in South Carolina–one of 18 dogs in the breeder’s stock. He became too old to continue managing his dogs, so he reached out to a local vet to find homes for his dogs.

While Juliet isn’t a puppy mill rescue, her demeanor, lack of training, etc. shows me that she wasn’t a pet. She isn’t housebroken. She is pretty skittish and shy. But she IS socialized to other dogs and familiar people, and she does love a warm lap. Points for her.

Juliet came up with two other dogs–Twix and Misty. When we met her at the foster home, she was socialized to these dogs and comfortable in a pack environment. We took Jasmine to meet Juliet, and it was clear that both dogs were submissive, gentle and relatively low-energy. It was a good match.

We brought Juliet home that night, and we found Jasmine suspicious, but tolerant. The picture on the right shows Jasmine giving us the “Save Me” look. Okay, it’s going to be an adjustment!



Juliet enjoying a warm lapJasmine Juliet DachshundJuliet is very skittish. She is very afraid of loud noises. She runs incessantly until she finally runs out of steam and then settles down. However, if she finds a lap, she’s calm. And we found out that she’s a jumper. She jumps all over the furniture. We never let Jasmine jump, but Juliet is a pro. Okay.

She has a lot of parallels to Jasmine when she first came to us. She’s a nervous nellie when it comes to eating. She isn’t food oriented. She’s tremendously skittish. She’s definitely not housebroken.

But she has a lot of traits that make me feel that she’ll come along faster than Jasmine. She is okay with laps and petting (she jumps up on our laps!). She likes rawhide bones (only when we’re not around). She comes close to us without “corralling.”

But, how is Jasmine doing? Absolutely fabulous!! We found the RIGHT dog to bring into our home. Jasmine is blossoming. Competition is bringing her out of her shell. If Juliet is getting scratchies, Jasmine will come over to hubby and demand the same. She’s seeking him out for lap time. She even has learned manners in the short time Juliet has been in the house and doesn’t tear after Juliet’s food after she’s snarfed her own!

Such progress in just a few weeks! We’re so happy to have Juliet in our new home. And, of course, this blog will probably be more active now that we have so many more stories to tell. I already have a few in the queue waiting to be told.

6 responses to “A Second Dachshund—We Finally Did It!

  1. Kate says:

    Congrats on your new pup! Juliet sounds like a doll, and I’m glad she’s such a good fit with Jasmine. I think it’s funny (and cute!) that Jasmine’s coming out of her shell more because she’s competitive. 🙂 welcome hugs for Juliet!

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations with Juliet! What a lovely dachshund. Wish you all the best with her and I’m looking forward to read all the stories about her and Jasmine.

  3. mandy says:

    I also have an older dachshund (7 years) and we just adopted an 8 month old – yesterday. My older dog seems to ignore the puppy, as she was a puppy mill dog, and seems to be extremely shy. I was wondering how long your two dachshunds took to bond and get adjusted to the new environment. Any help that you could provide is very much appreciated!

  4. mwdonnelly says:

    Hi Mandy,

    I wouldn’t say that Jasmine and Juliet are bonded yet. They are, however, co-existing well. I don’t know if they ever will be bonded, but Jasmine’s puppy mill life no longer seems to matter. Jasmine is the one trying to engage in play. Jasmine is the LESS skittish of the two. I’m hoping that your puppy will help bring your older dachshund out of its shell. You didn’t say if the new dog is also a dachshund. I was told that they seem to bond well with other doxies–but that’s not always the case. We’re only two months into this two-dog household, and while Juliet is a challenge, we’re giving Juliet all the time she needs to adjust and relax. We did do a few things to show Jasmine that we favored her as alpha (feeding her first, picking her up first, etc.), but they will work that out themselves eventually. Good luck with your two dogs, and please let me know if I can help with anything!

    • Mandy says:

      Thanks for responding to my post – it was really helpfull. Both dogs are doxies. Izzy, as a puppy mill dog, has been really shy with the new dog, Archie. Archie, as a puppy constantly wants to play and jump on Izzy, so we’re trying to help out with that situation a bit. Thanks, also, for your advice with helping the older dog be established as the alpha. We are now giving Izzy those same advantages. Hopefully this will get easier (as it’s only been 2 days) because I really feel for Izzy, as she seems so depressed!

  5. Maggie says:

    Did bringing a second dachshund to your home change the way your first dachshund was with you? We are going to get another dachshund, but I can’t help but worry that my little snuggle bug would rather snuggle with the dachshund than me when we get him.

    I’m at home ill all day and having my dachshund to snuggle and play with makes me feel so much better.

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