Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Pet-Friendly Office

I know. It’s been a little while. I’m sorry.

Jasmine is fine. She’s wonderful, in fact. Every day, she seems to enjoy life a little bit more. And I revel in each step forward she takes.

Hubby was out of town all of last week. Jasmine is usually home all day with him. I take her out in the morning and he takes her out mid-afternoon for her bathroom breaks. Other than that, well, she’s a lump. She sleeps all day. I decided that his trip would be a wonderful way to introduce the concept of a pet-friendly office to my company. So I got permission to bring Jasmine into the office with me.

Jasmine is a remarkable dog. She’s quiet. I mean REAL quiet. I brought her into the office, and she hid behind my legs and peeked at my co-workers. She then trotted into her crate where she remained until her 2pm break. The CEO of the company, who is not a big dog lover, didn’t even realize that she was in the office until she sat up and did an ear flap around 1:30. I fed her little treats every few hours, and she was comfortably situated in her crate under my desk and right next to me.

While it was not the usual snooze fest for her, she was relaxed and easy the entire day. And when the day came to a close and it was “time for rides” to go home, she did her usual happy dance.

So I think that Jasmine will not be an unwelcome visitor when need be. And maybe, just maybe, I can convince my company that she could be a great office mascot.

Jasmine the JitterDog. Given her penchant for shivering, it’s wholly appropriate.

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