Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Hunger Strike

Jasmine is still being difficult about her mealtime. Except I think it’s my fault. Oh the guilt.

I’ve been feeding Jasmine the same food for several years ever since the unfortunate whipworm incident–we thought it was a food change that caused her some tummy issues; it turned out to be parasites). We feed her Innova Small Bites mixed with a spoonful of California Natural Chicken & Rice canned food and 1/2 cup of water. She doesn’t drink much water, and this encourages her to get a good amount of water with her yummy meal.

Well, she apparently doesn’t think the food is very yummy anymore. And I know that dogs SHOULD be switched from food to food every few months to help them get a different balance of nutrients and to get some variety. I just got complacent. I also was kind of afraid of rocking the boat. She has been happy with her food and welcomes meal times. Until a few days ago. She now thumbs her nose at the kibble (still drinks the canned-dog-food-flavored water). I thought it was because of nervousness, but she’s hungry for “other” food (treats, meats, etc) that are dropped into her bowl.

So, I have to go back and try some other food for her. To keep her engaged in mealtimes, to keep her balanced nutrition, etc. I know to ease her into a new diet, but I also know that it’s time for a change.

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Nervous Nellie

I thought Jasmine was adjusting well to the new realities of my mobility, but I’m not so sure.

Instead of letting Jasmine run down the stairs, Hubby has been sitting at the top and picking her up to take her down. I did such a good job of training her to wait at the top of the stairs to be carried down that she has continued that behavior even though I have been unable to pick her up. However, while she’s tolerating Hubby’s picking her up for various reasons, it’s clear that she’s not liking it.

Jasmine is more nervous around Hubby these days. In fact, it has spilled over to her meals. She’s really happy when it’s meal time, but when it comes to eating, she eats a little bit, then paces around the kitchen. She peeks around the corner to look into the family room to see where he is, and then goes and hides. She doesn’t eat. I have tried moving the bowl, standing over the bowl (that worked once) and even “breaking” the mental state by dropping a couple of treats into her bowl to get her to eat. Once that mental state has been broken, she tends to eat, but it’s getting harder and harder each time to do it.

Jasmine, I wish you weren’t such a Nervous Nellie.

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