Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Traveling Blankie

Jasmine has been taking the heat of this summer well, thanks to our central AC system. Every night, she’s been snuggling atop her fleece blankie at the foot of the bed. She likes the spot because it’s right under the ceiling fan–blowing the cooler air down on her. That’s all well and fine until the middle of the night when the temp drops down to a cool level. Jasmine rolls herself up into her blankie to keep warm. When that’s not good enough, she shimmies up to us to snuggle. However, she doesn’t want to leave her warm blankie behind, and she shimmy-pulls the blankie along with her.

Well, that’s what hubby tells me. I’m usually asleep through all this, but hubby is a light sleeper and has witnessed the unique shimmy-pull process. Just think of how you’d pull a blanket that is wrapped around your entire body–including underneath you–as you’re trying to move about 5 body lengths up in the dark.

When I wake up in the morning, I have a dog-roll snuggled up next to me. I’m glad that she likes her blankie enough to bring it with her, but I wish I will get a chance to witness the great migration!

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Jasmine

July 15 is Jasmine’s 3rd anniversary with us. These days, I can’t imagine life without her. To celebrate her being a part of our family, here are 10 Things I Love About Jasmine.

  1. Woofts. I love when Jasmine woofts at me when she wants something. When she wants attention, she lets out one loud bark. Just one. But when she wants something (a bone, usually), she woofts. That little puff of air makes a lovely sound.
  2. Hooves of Thunder. When Jasmine runs, she sounds like a herd of bison. That’s a pretty spectacular feat for a 11-pound dog. When I get home, I can hear her running across the family room (it’s directly over the garage). Her excitement makes me smile.
  3. Wrestle Wrestle Wrestle. Every morning, Jasmine and I play a game of Wrestle Wrestle Wrestle. Actually, it’s a game of “give Jasmine some love” but I never tire of it. Jasmine hides under the bed, I ask her if she wants to Wrestle Wrestle Wrestle, and she comes running. It’s a great way to start the day.
  4. Constant Companion. This pup is always by my side. I am never lonely–or alone.
  5. Chair Mate. Jasmine loves to sit with me on the recliner. It’s especially nice during the winter, but it gets a little rough in 90+ degree weather.
  6. Waggedy Tail. It took Jasmine a long time to learn how to wag her tail. She now wags it all the time. Seeing that waggedy tail always makes my heart smile. I helped make that tail go from being forever tucked under her to swinging with the breeze.
  7. Have You Been a Good Girl? It’s the nightly ritual. I ask Jasmine this question, and she begins to jump for joy. She knows the answer. The answer is yes. And we all know that good girls get…a bone! Bone! Bone! (Imagine a leap of joy for every time I say “bone!”)
  8. Rompy Dog. Jasmine loves to romp in our back yard. She bounces like Tigger in the tall grass, ears flapping and tail tall. Oh, it’s so cute.
  9. Baby Talk. I love how Jasmine turns even the biggest macho guy into mush, complete with baby talk. “What a good puppy you are…yes you are!”
  10. Burrowing Dog. Jasmine, in true Dachshund fashion, has learned to love burrowing. No blanket is sacred. Especially ones printed with puppies and fire hydrants.

Okay. That’s 10. I could go on and on. Instead, to honor my beautiful pup, here’s a link to a fabulous article on Petfinder that’s near and dear to both our hearts:

10 Reasons Not to Buy Puppy From a Pet Store

Remember, EVERY pet store puppy comes from a puppy mill. NO reputable breeder would sell to a pet store. So please please please get a dog from the shelter or a reputable breeder.
Happy Anniversary, Jasmine. We love you.


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