Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Winter Weight

It’s still cold and snowy here, and since we started getting snow, Jasmine’s physical activity went from a crawl to non-existent (as mine did, but that’s a different story). Her exercise consists of following me from the den to the kitchen, outside to her bathroom spot, and around the house for various activities. Due to the cold, ice, and salt, we haven’t really taken her for walks since winter came. And it shows. She’s, um, pleasantly plump.

Hubby’s daughter came by the other week and noted that Jasmine’s butt was getting big. When you’re around someone, that gradual weight gain is…gradual. It doesn’t seem as pronounced to you as to someone who hasn’t seen you in a while. Well, Jasmine’s weight was noticeable. When you’re an 11-pound dog, another pound is almost 10% of your body weight–a significant amount. I know that my actions are the ones that keep her healthy, keep the weight down, keep her in shape. And I haven’t been as active with her as I should be.

So Jasmine is a cute, pudgy little dog. And it’s up to me to make her a cute, fit dog.

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What Did I Do Wrong?

Jasmine Dachshund rescue dog "puppy mill" rescue

Jasmine wants to know what's wrong with being in the Big chair

This time, Jasmine did not take to the recliner without my permission, She was sitting with me, and I got up to get something. As I was returning, she looked so guilty for being up there…I had to snap this photo. So cute!

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That’s Mine

We went out with my Mom today for our weekly Saturday luncheon. Until the weather gets better, Jasmine can’t come with us; and even then, there aren’t many dog-friendly eating establishments around here, so her participation in our weekly outings will be limited. So Jasmine stays home in her comfy bed while we’re out for a few hours every Saturday.

When we returned home, we walked into the family room to greet the pup. Instead of being in her comfy bed, she was in…MY chair. My leather recliner. My leather recliner that she’s not supposed to be on without me.

She has never climbed on the furniture since we moved here a year ago. Yet there she was today, ears perked, head up, covered with her little pink blankie (that I use when she lays on my lap). She stared with us with a stoic lack of concern for her obvious (to us) poor judgment and bad behavior. She then jumped off (oy!) the chair and ran up to us in greeting.

Hubby told me that she has now claimed the chair. It’s hers. She owns the chair.

Somehow, I know at the pit of my stomach that he’s RIGHT. Even if I blockade the chair, there was a look of claim in those shiny little eyes. Let’s call it a Dachshund stare-down. She stared at me and claimed, “Mine.”

You KNOW that look, don’t you?


On The Road Again

This past weekend, we took a short respite in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Portsmouth is a seaport town about an hour from us. There are lots of shops, restaurants and nightlife–and it was someplace we wanted to spend more time exploring. We stayed at the Sheraton near the harbor. It was nice to find a nice hotel that was dog-friendly and didn’t charge an arm and a leg to bring your dog; in fact, there was no extra charge to bring the dog. They did make us sign a waiver stating that we would be responsible for damages, incur a pretty steep cleaning charge if there were “damages” of that nature, etc. But we knew that Jasmine would be no trouble.

After we checked into the hotel, we put Jasmine in our soft-sided carrier and went for a walk. It was fairly chilly–probably in the ‘teens–and while Jasmine was in her pink fleece jacket, we felt that she would be better off in the carrier, especially when we started walking into stores. We were right. Most of the stores didn’t even notice that we had a dog in tow even though Jasmine’s head popped up over the top of the carrier. Of course, when she was noticed, hearts melted everywhere. “Awwwww…how CUTE” was a common mantra. We found that she was calm and less stressed this way than if she was on leash. Perhaps it’s because the world is so big and that she’s so small, but she gets very skittish when we’re walking in a high-traffic area. This way, she could enjoy the new sights and smells and not fear being trampled.

We walked around downtown Portsmouth, and we even found a gourmet dog treat store! Bonus! We also bought her a “Woofie Pie” at one of the local stores–a Whoopie pie made just for pups. She definitely was ahead of the treat game.

She spent an uneventful night in the hotel room. She has definitely benefited from our travels. New places are still scary, but she seems to calm down more quickly these days, and she seems to enjoy these little trips.

However, it’s clear that there’s no place like home. When we returned, she bounded around the house with joy.

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