Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

First Snow

on December 14, 2009

I know that it has been a few weeks since my last post. Holidays tend to make everything a little nuts, and our schedules have been hectic. Fall turned into winter all of a sudden, and then Thanksgiving happened…and now Christmas is just around the corner. Where did the year go?

A week ago, we had our first snow of the season. And then Wednesday, we had our first REAL snow of the season.We got about, oh, a foot of snow (give or take). When you have a 9-inch tall dog, a foot of snow…BIG deal. Especially when it comes to potty habits.

I tried the “this is fun, let’s romp in the pristine white fluffy stuff” fake…didn’t work. I tried the usual routine to get her to go out…no dice. So I had to revert to carrying her outside and plunking her down in her “spot.”

I don’t know what Jasmine experienced at the puppy mill, but it seemed very clear to me that snow was a new (and not pleasant) experience for her. We had some serious shoveling to do to clear her spot. And while we got most of it off the ground, the ground was still a bed of snow and ice. Jasmine was not happy. Neither would I if I had my bits a couple of inches off the ground. She slid around on the ground (I did too…I was not happy either). She shivered her “I’m a poor abused dachshund” shiver and after what seemed an eternity, she did what she was supposed to do. Kind of. She did the “maybe she did” squat and I later found that she wet her bed. Grrr.

We found that laying a thin bed of sand over the shoveled ground has helped with her accepting the inevitable. But she rarely goes out without a protest and THE look (as in the “you’re a horrible person for doing this to me” look). But she’s going out, and I will be enduring everything she endures. Of course, I will be doing it in my fluffy hooded down coat and she will only be in fleece. Pink fleece, of course!

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