Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Jasmine the Burrower

It’s getting chilly. Mornings are in the 30’s. Days…they are still fair, but the evenings have also been brisk.

We keep the house temp fairly cool–especially at night. Jasmine has finally discovered the joys of burrowing through this experience. Instead of fluffing her fleece blankets, Jasmine has been diving under them and using her nose, mouth and paws to encase herself in their warmth. At first glance, she doesn’t even look like she’s there, but upon a more careful examination, there’s a little rise and fall happening as Jasmine snoozes. Uh, the snoring is a dead give-away as well.

Now that Jasmine is comfortable with not being able to see everything around her as she rests, I think it might be a great time to get her a comfy burrowing bed for her winter comfort. FetchDog has a great looking one called the Cozy Cave that looks well-made, comfortable and (most importantly) easy to care for. Since Jasmine’s incontinence hasn’t entirely disappeared (she sometimes has some issues when she’s in a very deep sleep), being able to launder the entire bed is important.

Jasmine becomes more relaxed and animated every day. She’s playing, demanding attention, romping in the leaves and attacking her “flea” toy. Burrowing is another step in the right direction.

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Peanut Buttah!

Blame it on Bob.

Our friend Bob gave Jasmine her first taste of peanut butter when we were visiting he and his wife in Maine. Jasmine, who doesn’t take treats from strangers, lapped it up like Bob was her long lost friend. No hesitation.

Of course, that was our cue to go get a jar of peanut butter and have Hubby be the “Peanut Butter Man.” Or, I should say, the “Peanut Buttah Man” with Hubby’s Boston accent (he says, “What accent?”).

Every evening, I put Jasmine in my lap. And instead of snuggling in to my nice warm lap for some quality time, she perches on the arm rest of the chair and wags her little flirty tail at Hubby. She looks at him hopefully, and I call out, “Peanut Buttah Man!” She wags her tail more and tries to look cute (not difficult). Hubby chuckles, and I pick Jasmine up and put her on his lap. He grabs the jar of peanut butter and digs out a fingertip of creamy goodness on his finger. She laps it up and sniffs for more. A couple of doses later, and the official peanut butter period has ended.

Then and only then will she come back to me and settle on my lap for an evening snooze.

Oh boy, does she have us trained well or what?

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