Life with Jasmine and Juliet, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with our two rescued miniature dachshunds

Peppy Pup

on September 13, 2009

Jasmine continues to blossom in our new home. I wonder what it is about this house or this area that has made her happier, more lively and finally coming out of her shell. Perhaps it’s because the period before our move was so chaotic. It took two months of 12-hour days to sort and pack our belongings in preparation for the move. I know that dogs are very sensitive to our moods, and I’m sure I was less than calm, cool and collected when we were in preparation mode.

After we moved here, I was able to unpack, arrange and decorate at my leisure. I relaxed. From day one, Jasmine just seemed to like it here better. The first visit to the back yard was a huge awakening for her. She sniffed her way throughout the yard and explored scents that were new and exciting. She romped through the grass bounding with joy as she discovered her new territory. She seemed to relax here much more than at the California home. It was as if she was really home. Strange.

The past few weeks have marked other changes for Jasmine. While her incontinence problem has subsided a bit, it still continues to be a worry. We’re taking her out more often which has helped, but I still don’t know what the root cause is of her bed-wetting. That she continues to lie in the bed after soiling it…well, I think that could be a hold-over from her puppy mill days.

However, there are significant positive changes in her as well. She’s become a more peppy pup. She initiates play with me–something she hasn’t done much of in the past. She is a much more peppy, waggy dog that demands attention and fun. Every night, she has been expectantly waiting for “training” sessions. We practice her tricks and behaviors (we’re currently working on “stay”), but to her, it’s just a chance to get some Simon & Huey’s Soft Training Treats–woo hooo! If I don’t play with her, she sits in front or behind me and woofs a little (and includes a bunny hop for emphasis).

We can clearly see how much happier she is. Every day, she seems to relax a little bit more. Hubby says she’s becoming more like a dog each day she is here. She’s breaking from her past traumas and enjoying her life here. That’s what we hoped for so very long ago, and we’re so happy we can give her the life she so deserves.


One response to “Peppy Pup

  1. Tim says:

    Last year my wife and I took a road trip up the east coast to New England and took our mini-doxie Hazel along for the ride. She seemed to come alive with energy and absolutely romped and played all across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. She seemed to be a completely different dog. It must be something in the air?

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