Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Shadow Dog

on June 5, 2009

Has it been years since you’ve had the luxury of going to the bathroom alone in your own home?  Do you have glimmery eyes watching your every move?  Do you feel guilty for getting up to go put a piece of paper napkin into the trash because you disturbed the quiet slumber of your best friend?  Do you look before you step because you don’t know what you’ll be stepping on?  If your answers to these questions were “yes” then you have a Shadow Dog.

A Shadow Dog follows you everywhere.  She watches your every move.  If you’re taking a shower, she waits patiently at the shower door for you to emerge (she sometimes even paws at the door to hurry you up).  If you’re cooking dinner, you have to look around you before moving to the fridge lest you step on or trip over your furry friend.  If you’re in the recliner, you have to make sure the pup is out of the way before putting down the foot rest.  And if you’re lonely, you only have to look down to see a friendly face, adoring eyes and a waggy tail to cheer you up.

Jasmine is my lovely shadow.  While Hubby was taking care of the California home and I was out here, Jasmine kept me from being too sad.  It was quiet here–I don’t know many people–so Jasmine and I were alone most days and nights.  But her constant presence made me feel so much less alone.  When I was unpacking the house, she made sure to “help” by sticking her nose in my face every chance she could or laying on things that I took out of the boxes (she especially liked it when I found the “dog beds” box).  In the quiet of night (well, days are quiet here too), she’d perk her ears up at the creaky noises of the house.  Of course, her “watch dog” capabilities were much less effective when she was under the bed or nightstand.

On the rare occasion that she doesn’t follow me–usually when she’s in a “doggy coma” state on her dog bed and can’t be bothered to follow me–I actually miss her.  I like having her with me.  I like her bounding ahead of me, waiting for me to catch up and then bounding ahead again.  I like her hiding behind my robes in my closet when I get dressed.  I like her snuggling on my robe as I take a shower.

Right now, she’s sleeping in her dog bed at the foot of my chair.  I’ve had a rough couple of days and watching her sleep…well it’s better than any other “therapy.”  My little shadow makes the world brighter and happier.  Nice.


3 responses to “Shadow Dog

  1. It is amazing what dogs can be trained to do! I recently worte about personal protection dogs at but shadow dogs sound like much better companions!

  2. Lacey says:

    My husband travels a lot, and my little dachshund is so much company!

    I laughed about the recliner. I don’t have that problem much because mine is usually on the recliner, but when we were shopping for it, we made sure to get the one with the fabric covered foot part so she wouldn’t jump up and fall through (like the ones with the gap in the foot rest). She’s always on our mind! We were also sitting in the store saying, “this one is too small, I don’t think Jelly will fit in here with me.” HAHAHA

  3. Link says:

    My Dachshund is the same way, he shadows me everywhere except when he is deep alseep in his kennel…he is kinda old at 12.5 yrs old.

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