Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Flying Dog

Jasmine has been exploring the lush back yard and growing more confident.  Each day, she goes a little further, following the aromas of unknown critters that pass through our yard.  The nice thing is that she comes back to me when I call.  When we first got here–fuhgettaboutit!  She was crazed with all those new scents.  These days, her recall is very good.

What *I* love about the recalls is the way she responds.  I call her to come and clap my hands.  Her head pops up and she sets out in a full boar run towards me.  If you’ve never seen a dachshund run, you’re missing out.  Running dachshunds look like they are flying–and they are.  It seems that Jasmine’s legs don’t even touch the ground as she flies through the back yard towards me.  Her ears flap as the wind whips them about.  She runs with considerable speed and grace–she’s by my side in seconds.

Of course, the side-effects of a flying dog is hat seconds after running into the house, she’s on her bed in a deep doggie coma.  Running is hard work!

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Making Demands

Jasmine has been staying home with Hubby–he now works from home.  I was hoping that the two of them would strengthen their bond because of all the time they have been spending together.  It hasn’t happened yet.

What HAS happened is when I am home, Jasmine is demanding my undivided attention.  The sound of her running back and forth from the family room to the basement door signals that she’s excitedly waiting for me to close the garage door and get upstairs.  Hubby says that she has started to whine and bark (yes, bark!) when she hears the garage door open because that’s the sound of my return.  When I open the door and walk into the kitchen, she furiously wags her tail and runs circles around me.  Oh so cute!  I greet her, give her love and pets.  I then fix her dinner (and ours) and go on with the evening’s activities.

I have been working a lot lately including working at home in the evenings.  Last night, I had to finish some work on my computer.  After dinner, I sat in the recliner and started working on the laptop.  Jasmine was having an energy spurt (yeah, one of those–so much fun to watch), and she bounded around the coffee table with one of her favorite toys in her mouth.  When she noticed that I wasn’t looking, she stopped, dropped the toy and came running over to my chair.  She sat in front of me and did a cute little hop.  I laughed and praised her and went back to my work.

All of a sudden, she barked a couple of times.  Then she…well…how do I describe it…complained.  Roooowrrrr…yawmmm…yawmmm…yawmmm.  That was the noise.  I tried not to pay attention to her.  I didn’t want to reward her barking and complaining and jumping on the chair.  She kept it up for a minute or two, and when I didn’t react, she walked around to the other side of the coffee table.  I then put down the computer and called her over for some serious lap time.

I realize that this transition has been a bit difficult on her.  She had me 24 x 7 for almost two years, and now she has me for a few hours each day.  I need to temper her demands for my attention by putting them on my terms (be the pack leader…), but I also need to give her some time every day for the comfort and love she desires and deserves.

I do have to say that I’m thrilled that she IS vocalizing and communicating more.  It’s another big step forward for her.

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Goodbye Lucy

Sweet Lucy

Sweet Lucy

I met Lucy about a month ago.  Jasmine and I went up to Maine to visit some friends who had moved out here from California years ago.  This was my first road trip with Jasmine, and she was happy to go.  Well, until we got there.  I wrote about the visit in a previous post.

Lucy died yesterday.  She was hit by a car in the driveway of her home.  Her doggie sister, Katie, is mourning the loss as are her parents.

I don’t have much to say except that Lucy was greatly loved and will be missed.  I know what it would mean to us if we lost Jasmine.  I’m so sad for my friends and for Katie.


Shadow Dog

Has it been years since you’ve had the luxury of going to the bathroom alone in your own home?  Do you have glimmery eyes watching your every move?  Do you feel guilty for getting up to go put a piece of paper napkin into the trash because you disturbed the quiet slumber of your best friend?  Do you look before you step because you don’t know what you’ll be stepping on?  If your answers to these questions were “yes” then you have a Shadow Dog.

A Shadow Dog follows you everywhere.  She watches your every move.  If you’re taking a shower, she waits patiently at the shower door for you to emerge (she sometimes even paws at the door to hurry you up).  If you’re cooking dinner, you have to look around you before moving to the fridge lest you step on or trip over your furry friend.  If you’re in the recliner, you have to make sure the pup is out of the way before putting down the foot rest.  And if you’re lonely, you only have to look down to see a friendly face, adoring eyes and a waggy tail to cheer you up.

Jasmine is my lovely shadow.  While Hubby was taking care of the California home and I was out here, Jasmine kept me from being too sad.  It was quiet here–I don’t know many people–so Jasmine and I were alone most days and nights.  But her constant presence made me feel so much less alone.  When I was unpacking the house, she made sure to “help” by sticking her nose in my face every chance she could or laying on things that I took out of the boxes (she especially liked it when I found the “dog beds” box).  In the quiet of night (well, days are quiet here too), she’d perk her ears up at the creaky noises of the house.  Of course, her “watch dog” capabilities were much less effective when she was under the bed or nightstand.

On the rare occasion that she doesn’t follow me–usually when she’s in a “doggy coma” state on her dog bed and can’t be bothered to follow me–I actually miss her.  I like having her with me.  I like her bounding ahead of me, waiting for me to catch up and then bounding ahead again.  I like her hiding behind my robes in my closet when I get dressed.  I like her snuggling on my robe as I take a shower.

Right now, she’s sleeping in her dog bed at the foot of my chair.  I’ve had a rough couple of days and watching her sleep…well it’s better than any other “therapy.”  My little shadow makes the world brighter and happier.  Nice.


The Vet Across The Street

Our house is in a pretty convenient place.  One of the only area scrapbook stores is across the highway from us as is a highly recommended veterinarian.  Jasmine needed some routine care (Heartworm test, Lyme Disease vaccination, flea/tick/heartworm medication, general look-see), so I made an appointment with the veterinarian across the “street.”  Street is a relative thing…the office is across a 2-lane, 50 MPH highway.  But that’s just semantics, right?  Street, deadly fast highway…same thing.

I had to work today, so Hubby took Jasmine for her check-up.  They (of course) walked across the highway rather than being safe and sensible in a car.  The one and only time I tried to cross, well there were more than a few words said by passing motorists. However, Hubby and Jasmine had no problems and they made it there and back in one piece.

The vet, Dr. Kenneth Schunk, is a board certified veterinary neurologist.  It’s good that we now have a relationship with someone who can treat any future back issues that we might have.  Jasmine is in very good health, is at a good healthy weight and is heartworm negative.  She got her vaccination, and the vet checked out her latest (healing) abscess and told us to watch them and make sure that they don’t get infected.  The vet told us to use Frontline Plus for the tick problems we’ve been having.  While Revolution worked for us in California, there is a greater variety of ticks here in New Hampshire, and I’ve pulled at least five from Jasmine in the last few weeks.  Revolution ONLY works on the American Dog Tick, and we have more varieties around here including the Deer tick–the one that carries Lyme disease.  Since I already found a Deer tick on her, I decided to err on the side of caution and get her protected from Lyme disease.

One hour and a few hundred dollars later, Jasmine had a clean bill of health.  I’m happy that we now have a local vet for her and that she is going to be better prepared for life in New Hampshire.  Now if I could only find a doctor I like…

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