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Flea and Tick Season

on May 7, 2009

Fleas and Ticks?  What are those?

As a California gal, I didn’t worry much about fleas and ticks on Jasmine.  I barely took her anywhere that would put her in the position of exposing her to these pests.  However, as a good doggie mom, I made sure that she had preventative medication–Revolution (Flea, Tick and Heartworm treatment all in one).

During the move, I lost her last two doses of Revolution.  Okay, maybe the word “misplaced” is better.  I still have a hundred or so boxes to unpack.  I finally found them on Monday–about 1.5 weeks past her regular dosing date.  I gave her the dose immediately after I found it.  However, I found a tick on her yesterday.

First, let me say, “EWWWWWWW!”  Oh, this was actually MORE disgusting than her bout with whipworms.  I saw the bulbous body of that tick on her, and I KNEW I had to remove it.  Oh, I’m not real good with these types of activities.  But dog ownership makes you brave.  You have to pop and drain that abscess, wash out those infected ears, and (unfortunately) remove that tick.

I didn’t know what to do, so I once again did a Google search to learn more about ticks and how to deal with them.  The match and petroleum jelly methods were supposedly old wives tales that are not effective.  The tutorials I read told me to get a pair of tweezers, grab the tick by the head (not the body), pull gently but firmly, and then put the sucker into an alcohol bath to kill it.

I did it.  But boy, that sucker (no pun intended) hung on like nobody’s business.  In fact, it finally lost it’s body.  The head stuck inside.  The body came off in one piece.  I dunked it in the alcohol, swabbed the area of the bite to stave off infection, and panicked.  I didn’t get the head out.  What now?

I went over to Petco to find a “Tick Twister” tool.  Someone told me they work.  Of course, they were all out of stock.  &*!@#!  While I was there, I stopped by the grooming salon to get Jasmine’s nails trimmed.  I spoke with the groomer, and she assured me that the tick head would “dissolve” and would do no harm unless it got infected.

Most people around here get their dogs vaccinated for Lyme’s disease.  I think that’s a good next step for Jasmine.  It will help me establish a relationship with a vet in a non-emergency situation and get her protected from future bites.  Even with the Revolution, I think that ticks are with us for a long time.  And I will become an unsqueamish tick buster.  Maybe.


2 responses to “Flea and Tick Season

  1. Kate says:

    Ugh, I HATE ticks. You’re right, though – being a dog-parent means we sometimes have to do things we’d rather not.

  2. Link says:

    Ticks are so disgusting!

    I grew up in Ohio on a farm and they would get on peoples’ outdoor dogs. Sometimes you would see several bloated ticks on a dog at the same time. On the farm we picked them off with our fingers and either just threw them away or killed them.

    And yes, I had a few get attached to me in my life though I picked them off long before they got much blood.


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