Life with Jasmine and Juliet, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with our two rescued miniature dachshunds

A Dry Run

on March 16, 2009

This past weekend, hubby and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  We headed down to Carmel for the weekend.  Of course, we took Jasmine with us.

Carmel is a very dog-friendly town.  There are tons of inns/motels that not only allow dogs but welcome them with open arms.  We chose a little inn in the heart of downtown Carmel–Hofsas House.  This little inn is a bit funky and dumpy, but it was within walking distance of everything, was a great deal, and was very welcoming to Jasmine.

We arrived in Carmel around 2:00 p.m. and checked in (luckily, our room was ready).  We then took a walk to downtown and stopped at the Hog’s Breath Inn for a cup of coffee and a snack.  Jasmine was in her pretty pink fleece coat and was warm and snuggly even though it was overcast and a bit chilly there.  The fireplace also helped.  Many of the restaurants have outdoor dining patios, and dogs are welcome there.

The Hog's Breath Inn is a dog-friendly restaurant in Carmel...and is very yummy!

The Hog's Breath Inn is a dog-friendly restaurant in Carmel...and is very yummy!

After our snack, we happened upon the Coach bag store.  Let’s just say that hubby and Jasmine spent a substantial amount of time waiting…and waiting…ahem.  Hey, they were having a 50% off sale.  Do I have to say any more?

We went back to the inn and changed for dinner.  We fed Jasmine, put her in her crate and went out to dinner.  The inn has a policy of “no leaving dogs alone in the room,” but when we checked in and I asked about it, the front desk person said, “I don’t know anything about it if you leave your dog in the room, but if it barks, people will call the police.”  Okay…no worries with our non-barking dog.

When we got back from dinner, Jasmine was happy to see us as usual.  They left a little blanket for her to use, so we put her on the blanket and went to bed.  Around 4:00 a.m. Jasmine got a little restless.   I wasn’t sure if it was because she was in a strange place or if it was because she was out of her crate, so I scooped her and the blanket up and let her sleep the rest of the night with us.  I was worried that she would “go” inside if I didn’t.

The rest of the weekend was just fine.  Jasmine rode well in the back seat, she sniffed like crazy at all the new and different smells in the air, and she was happy and content just to be with us.

I was hoping she would be fine, given that we’ll be driving across the country soon.  She seemed to handle the changes in schedule and venue well…just so long as she was with us.  This was  a great “dry run” and a great weekend for us all.

And shame on you Point Lobos State Park for not allowing dogs.


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