Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Dogs on a Plane!

We will soon be introducing Jasmine to New England.  To do so, we have to traverse the U.S. via the friendly skies.  Uh oh.

I have a Sherpa bag given to me by a woman on Freecycle.  It’s the perfect size for Jasmine and has roll-up windows to give her a view and ventilation without letting her out.  It’s sturdy and nice.  However, I’m not sure how she’s going to react to the trip.

I called my vet to get Jasmine’s medical records and to discuss the value of sedating her for the trip.  The vet told me that sedation on a plane is not healthy for the dog–it can cause low blood pressure and a decrease in heart rate–not the best thing.  IF a dog is stressed or way too manic, a little Benedryl (dosed for the size of the dog, of course) could be okay to get her sleepy.  I am chosing not to sedate her in any way.  We’re going on the redeye to Boston out of San Francisco, so it should be a quiet and calm trip (I hope).  With me there and the lights out, I’m hoping Jasmine has an uneventful trip.

Have you taken your pup in the cabin of a plane?  How was the trip?  I have the priviledge of paying $100 each way for taking Jasmine with me.  Given that my air fare was only $250, I would have gladly paid the extra $50 to get her a seat.  No dice.


A Dry Run

This past weekend, hubby and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  We headed down to Carmel for the weekend.  Of course, we took Jasmine with us.

Carmel is a very dog-friendly town.  There are tons of inns/motels that not only allow dogs but welcome them with open arms.  We chose a little inn in the heart of downtown Carmel–Hofsas House.  This little inn is a bit funky and dumpy, but it was within walking distance of everything, was a great deal, and was very welcoming to Jasmine.

We arrived in Carmel around 2:00 p.m. and checked in (luckily, our room was ready).  We then took a walk to downtown and stopped at the Hog’s Breath Inn for a cup of coffee and a snack.  Jasmine was in her pretty pink fleece coat and was warm and snuggly even though it was overcast and a bit chilly there.  The fireplace also helped.  Many of the restaurants have outdoor dining patios, and dogs are welcome there.

The Hog's Breath Inn is a dog-friendly restaurant in Carmel...and is very yummy!

The Hog's Breath Inn is a dog-friendly restaurant in Carmel...and is very yummy!

After our snack, we happened upon the Coach bag store.  Let’s just say that hubby and Jasmine spent a substantial amount of time waiting…and waiting…ahem.  Hey, they were having a 50% off sale.  Do I have to say any more?

We went back to the inn and changed for dinner.  We fed Jasmine, put her in her crate and went out to dinner.  The inn has a policy of “no leaving dogs alone in the room,” but when we checked in and I asked about it, the front desk person said, “I don’t know anything about it if you leave your dog in the room, but if it barks, people will call the police.”  Okay…no worries with our non-barking dog.

When we got back from dinner, Jasmine was happy to see us as usual.  They left a little blanket for her to use, so we put her on the blanket and went to bed.  Around 4:00 a.m. Jasmine got a little restless.   I wasn’t sure if it was because she was in a strange place or if it was because she was out of her crate, so I scooped her and the blanket up and let her sleep the rest of the night with us.  I was worried that she would “go” inside if I didn’t.

The rest of the weekend was just fine.  Jasmine rode well in the back seat, she sniffed like crazy at all the new and different smells in the air, and she was happy and content just to be with us.

I was hoping she would be fine, given that we’ll be driving across the country soon.  She seemed to handle the changes in schedule and venue well…just so long as she was with us.  This was  a great “dry run” and a great weekend for us all.

And shame on you Point Lobos State Park for not allowing dogs.

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Muddy Paws

Rainy days + new carpets = a muddy paw nightmare.

No, not really, thanks to a good routine.  When Jasmine goes outside, she loves romping through the yard.  Of course, during all this rain, she has been less rompy, but she has still tracked mud and water into the house.  Our entryways are tiled, so clean-up is easy.  With our newly carpeted house, we had to make sure she didn’t track the outdoors in, so Jasmine has a new routine.

When she comes inside, I immediately call out “paws!”  She stops in her tracks and waits for me.  I take a baby wipe (my favorite all-purpose cleaning tool) and wipe each of her paws.  When I’m done, I happily call “all done” and she goes zooming into the house.

She doesn’t enjoy the cleaning, but she puts up with it.  It’s a good routine to have and will prevent issues in the future.  She doesn’t like her paws handled in general, but the abscesses have allowed me to get close to her and do things that are not necessarily comfortable AND to build her trust.

She’s such a good dog.


Laps Are Good

We had to vacate the house yesterday for an open house.  Before we left, I took a shower.  During that time, I placed Jasmine in Hubby’s lap.  While she was a little reluctant at first, she calmed down and fell asleep.  It was so nice to see…in the past, Jasmine wouldn’t stay in his lap and would attempt to jump off.  I made sure she was situated and comfortable before heading to the shower.  Given her back issues, the last thing I wanted was for her to jump off Hubby’s lap.

We went to Starbucks and I went inside to get our beverages.  When I came out, Jasmine was in Hubby’s lap.  She happily was accepting his pets and enjoying the first day of true sunshine we’ve had in many days.  Jasmine not only allowed Hubby to pick her up, but she was comfortable and happy in his lap.  Did the crate rest make her more amenable to his affections?  Regardless, it was so nice to see this new and unexpected step forward.

Here are a couple of pictures of her contentment (taken with my phone).

Ooooh!  That's the spot!

Ooooh! That's the spot!

Jasmine definitiely is taking a liking to Hubby

Jasmine definitiely is taking a liking to Hubby


Selling The House

The house went on the market late yesterday, and we’ve already had some interest.  In fact, we’re having several showings today.

What that means for Jasmine is that she will have to sit contentedly in her crate as strangers (eek!) walk through the house.  There will be times when I/we take her with us before a showing, but given the running around I’ve been doing, that won’t be possible all the time.

The good news is that with all her crate rest, Jasmine is comfy with the crate.  Her favorite blanket is in there along with her monkey and her Kong toy.  She willingly goes in there to nap.  And now, it will be a small sanctuary as we go through this (hopefully short) process of selling the house.

The house looks fabulous.  After months of packing, moving, painting, flooring, carpeting and other renovation, it is sparkly and beautiful.  Jasmine particularly likes the way the sun shines through the newly-clean windows in her favorite spot.

Jasmine enjoyes the house renovations.  Doesn't she look TINY?

Jasmine enjoyes the house renovations. Doesn't she look TINY?

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Tail Wagging

Jasmine isn’t normally a happy-go-lucky pup.  She gets excited about things like food (“Are you hungry?” puts her into a tail-wagging frenzy and the word “bone” makes her leap for joy) and “coming up” on my lap or on the bed (which she hasn’t had much of since her back injury).  Otherwise, she’s somewhat stoic.

Lately, Jasmine’s been wagging her tail much more often.  When I ask her if she needs to go outside.  When she’s exploring the tablecloth cave under the accent table by the bed.  When I look at her and talk to her.  When I rub her rump (butt rubs are a favorite of hers…I don’t know why).

I love to see that tail up and swinging.  It means that I brought a bit of fun and happiness to her day.  Hubby keeps remarking about how she’s so happy to see me and be with me.  That wagging tail, the bright eyes, the little skip in her step make our days brighter.  When you have a dog that saw no joy in the past light up…well, it makes everything worthwhile.


Snuggle Time

Jasmine had come in from “doing her business” the other day when she saw her favorite spot in the living room and ran towards it.  In the afternoon, the sun shines through the bay window onto the carpet.  The empty house just accentuated the spot…a huge bright beacon of warmth called to her.

Jasmine went to the spot and laid down.  The warmth hit her body and she just sighed.  So did I.  I went over to her and laid down on the carpet with her.  She moved in for a snuggle.  No, it wasn’t crate rest, but it WAS rest.  She put her head on my shoulder and promptly started to snore a happy little snore.  The sunshine was too much of an enticement for me as well…I fell off into a little nap.  Some time later as the sun moved from us, we both awoke, refreshed and happy.

Sometimes a little snuggle time is a necessity.

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