Life with Jasmine and Juliet, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with our two rescued miniature dachshunds

Are You Talkin’ to Me?

on February 4, 2009

Rooo-mau-mau.  Oooh-rooo?  Mau-mau-mau.  Roof!

That is Jasmine talking to me.  Since she started equating vocalizations with me putting her in my lap, she’s become much more vocal.  The little barks have turned into more roooo-mau-mau sounds that  are just too precious for words.

Hubby used to try to describe the sounds she’d make to him (and only him) when she was fed up by his escorting her outside for her “business” and was ready to go inside.   She used to make a noise at him to signify her displeasure at being held captive by him.  He’d try to describe the noise, but I just thought she was whining.  Nope.

When I’m in the leather chair in front of the computer stand and she isn’t in my lap, she does a few hops for attention.  Since she’s usually behind me when she does that hop (in her bed), she has figured out that some sounds make me look over and take notice.  It started with a bark the other day.  I wanted to discourage the barking, so I ignored it that last couple of times she tried it.  It has now evolved into the “mom pay attention please” mau-roo sound.  I couldn’t ignore that sound.  It was pretty darn funny.

Oh man, she’s so cute.  And she knows it.  And she knows that I think she’s too cute for words.  Ruh roh.


One response to “Are You Talkin’ to Me?

  1. kate says:

    That’s so cute! I love the sounds my doxies make, especially Maddy. She makes a grumbling sound whenever she’s put out about something (say, for example, when I decide I would like my pillow back and have to move her to another spot on the bed) that I think is adorable.

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