Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Morning Bonding Time

on January 28, 2009

As things become more crazed around here, I’ve been giving Jasmine some attention every morning.  She comes up on the bed to snuggle and sleep for an hour or so (depending on when she awakens and asks for “up” time).  When I get up, I greet her with a happy “good morning” and she gets up, stretches, wags her tail and bulldozes her face in the blankets.  I give her body rubs and her tail goes faster.  I then put her down on the floor, let her outside and fix breakfast for us both.

As I eat (she’s faster than I am), I give her bits of my apple.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t feed her while I’m eating…but she doesn’t beg.  And apples are good for her.  Yeah.  That’s it!

After I finish breakfast, I usually check email.  I bring Jasmine up on my lap and she snoozes as I read, click and type.  I got up to go get another cup of coffee this morning, and when I returned, I found that Jasmine jumped up on the chair to take advantage of the warm spot I left.  Hm…does she love me or does she love my body heat?  When we’re in bed, she always snuggles close to Hubby.  He’s the “Human Heater,” so I’m guessing that his body heat is much more attractive than mine…AND he’s the scratchie King…he’ll give Jasmine scratchies for hours if she’ll let him.  Ooops…I am rambling again.

Our current morning routine gives Jasmine a little normalcy before I turn into a whirling, packing dervish.  These next few weeks are going to be pretty taxing on us all, and we all need a little “normal” to stay sane.  And I do readily admit that mornings help me as well.  Warm puppy on the lap…oh, how nice!


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