Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Bed Hog

on November 26, 2008

While we don’t let Jasmine sleep all night with us, we do let her up on the bed for a snooze both in the mornings and before shutting off the lights at night.

I’ve read that having the dog on the bed is bad.  Placing the dog on the bed puts him/her on the same “level” as you and could cause problems–it could give the dog the impression that he/she is the “alpha” of the “pack.”  Also, dachshunds could hurt themselves if they jump off the bed and land incorrectly.  Great arguments against dogs sleeping in the big bed, right?

Well, the real reason Jasmine doesn’t sleep on our bed is pretty simple–she’s a bed hog.  A huge bed hog.  She takes up an enormous amount of room for such a small dog.  When I let her up in the morning for a short snooze, she pushes me to the edge of our bed–a California King.  I have about one body width of space, and she hogs the rest of it.  When I try to move her over, she becomes an 11-pound floppy sack of potatoes–lumpy, immovable.  She groans with complaint as if I am at fault for her bad manners.  Even worse, I move her over and she scoots back to snuggle with me.

Okay, so I like the snuggling part.  But even when I move towards the middle of the bed (to give myself more edge space), she manages to push me back into “my place.”

So, Jasmine is forever destined to be a “floor bed” dog.  Unless she learns some big bed manners.

And on a separate note, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  We wish you much love and happiness this holiday season!


3 responses to “Bed Hog

  1. Cheal says:

    Hi, I just had to comment- Peni (my doxie) and I ADORE your blog and read it religiously. Peni is much like Jasmine in that she is a total bed hog as well. She weighs 8 pounds and somehow manages to take up the entire bed (or so it seems). Snuggly little dachshunds are one of the best things to keep you warm at night.

  2. Ben says:

    Ugh. Just think of having TWO bed hogs. Our combined backbones still aren’t enough to banish them to floor beds at night.

  3. […] the authors on one of our very favorite blogs, Who’s Your Dachshund, commented on my “Bed Hog” post the other day about not having enough backbone to banish his dogs to the floor bed […]

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