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Petland Buys Puppy Mill Puppies

on November 24, 2008

One of my favorite sites,, sent me an email alerting me about the Humane Society’s latest report and video on Petland’s selling of puppy mill puppies.  Petland is a chain of over 140 franchised pet stores in almost 30 states across the U.S.  as well as in Canada, Japan and South Africa.  They are the largest chain of pet stores that sell puppies.  From the report:  “In the largest ever puppy mill investigation, HSUS investigators visited 21 Petland stores and 35 breeders and brokers who sold puppies to Petland stores. Investigators also reviewed interstate import records of an additional 322 breeders, USDA reports and more than 17,000 individual puppies linked to Petland stores.

Jasmine was a puppy mill breeder.  For over three years, she was held in a small cage and had litter after litter.  When we adopted her, she had just whelped a litter of 3 little males.  A veterinarian from the Bay Area bought her and 48 other dogs at a dog auction in Oklahoma.  Before coming to our home, Jasmine had lived a horrible life with no socialization or affection.  She was malnourished, her pads on her paws were deformed due to the life of walking on a wire cage floor and she was afraid of everything.  Her sole purpose had been to produce a crop of puppies as often as possible.  Puppies that ended up in places like Petland.  Puppies that are cute, cuddly and are purchased by people who don’t understand that MOST puppies in pet stores are from puppy mills.  Given the struggles we’ve had with Jasmine to reduce or eliminate the ill effects of her life before coming to our home, I vow to NEVER support any business that supports puppy mills.

Petland’s website claims, “Petland is aware of the many animal welfare issues in the news today. We know that members of some animal rights groups would have you believe that all pet store puppies are bred and raised in substandard facilities. This is untrue. Petland also disagrees with the agenda of animal rights groups that would deny people the right to own and live with companion pets.”  They go on to say, “Petland stores are independently operated by qualified franchisees. Each is responsible for choosing healthy pets offered to Petland customers. Petland, Inc. provides each Petland store with humane care guidelines to assist in this important task.”  To me, they have skirted the issue.  Their argument states that not ALL pet store puppies are raised in substandard environments BUT even if they are, Petland is not responsible; the franchisees are responsible for the dogs they buy.  That’s bull*!@&.

The Humane Society encourages people to take action and let Petland know that it’s unacceptable that their “franchisees” are buying puppy mill puppies.  Let your words and dollars speak!

Petland Corporate Offices
250 Riverside Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
(740) 775-2464
(800) 221-5935

Founder and CEO:  Ed Kunzelman
President: Frank Difatta
Director of Business Improvement: Brian Winslow
Franchise Development: Jim Whitman (


2 responses to “Petland Buys Puppy Mill Puppies

  1. Amanda says:

    Personally I feel like chains like Petland and Pets Unlimited should not be allowed to operate. I live in Cape Breton. I am not sure if you know anything about Cape Breton but it’s part of the province of Nova Scotia. We use to have a booming economy with steel and coal. However, over the years these industries have died out so our economy has suffered. It is nothing compared to Halifax.

    Our economy is on the rise so we are seeing an influx of companies and one of them is Pets Unlimited. I am against these chains for several reasons. The first is because of puppy mills. They are just wrong. Period. The second is because of pet overpopulation in the area. Many people are unwilling to adopt from the SPCA and many animals are put down. It is sad to see stores like this come in and take away loving homes from needy animals. The third reason I have such a problem with these stores is because of the prices. Many people will go into debt to have the next “namebrand” dog. Half of the dogs in these stores are mixed breeds or what everyone else would call mutts. I mean just because you bread a lab and a beagle doesn’t mean you hav a new purebred labeagle. It’s ridiculous.

    I just hope people realize there are animals out there, whether through the SPCA or an animal rescue shelter, that need loving. I think it is more important to adopt one of these dogs or cats before going out and spending 1000+ on the latest trend dog or cat.

    Bob Barker really needs to come back to spread the message.

  2. Virginia Logan says:

    I purchased a puppy from Petland two weeks ago. My vet bills are now more than I actually paid for the dog. Of course, Petland will not even talk to me. I had the puppy’s “pedigree” investigated and found that she was purchased by the Hunte Corporation from a puppy mill in West Plains, Missouri.

    My poor little Roxie is now on 8 different medications for digestive problems caused by long term antibiotic use. I found out that puppies are automatically put on antibiotics when Petland purchases them because they are taken from their mothers too soon and have not completely developed an immune system. The antibiotics mask this problem so Petland can pass these puppies on to unsuspecting people like me and then say “not covered under our warranty”. It is my life’s mission now to educate everyone I can about the sorry, low-life practices of Petland. As long as there is a profit to be made, Petland and other stores like them will think of these little defenseless creatures as nothing more than commodities. SHAME ON PETLAND!

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