Life with Jasmine and Juliet, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with our two rescued miniature dachshunds

Nose Burrowing

on November 20, 2008

Sometimes Jasmine does stuff that makes me shake my head in wonder.  What I call “nose burrowing” is one of them.

We’ve been letting Jasmine come up on the bed at night to snuggle with us before going to sleep.  I then pick her up and put her into her own bed when it comes to turning off the lights.  During that period, she tends to fall asleep (after some serious pets and scratchies, of course).  HOW she falls asleep is what has us so amazed.

Jasmine likes to burrow her nose into us before going to sleep.  Last night, she decided my arm pit was the perfect place.  Several times before, she put her nose into the palm of hubby’s hand.  He held her muzzle as she slept.  Of course, we get a cold, wet nose and doggie breath.  She gets…um…why does she do this?

The armpit thing had me laughing.  First, I get the nose tucked in there and then the warm, moist breath that followed.  Finally, I was serenaded by the snoring that ensued.

When she’s in her bed, she doesn’t burrow her nose.  It’s just when she’s with us.  Maybe she likes our scents.  Maybe it makes her feel safe.  Maybe she likes the warm air.  Maybe she’s just strange.  🙂  Regardless, her little quirks make us smile and make us love her even more.


6 responses to “Nose Burrowing

  1. Kimberly says:

    Tofu does this too! He’ll burrow his nose into a palm so he can sleep more soundly and then look up in despair if we have to use the hand. I have no idea why…

  2. Alli says:

    My dachsie Gidget does this too. She prefers my armpit and whenever we get into bed she makes sure to get right up in there before she can finally sleep soundly.

    Also, my girl looks almost exactly like yours, only she has a bit more dappling and her blue and brown eyes are opposite!


  3. mwdonnelly says:

    Alli–ooh, book ends! 😀

    Tofu, Gidget and Jasmine. The Nose Burrowers! LOL!

  4. […One of our personal favourite dachshund habits…]

  5. Harley totally does this all the time, i think it is a security thing for them, or away of showing affection. Thier long beautiful noses 🙂 Boy they sure are an awesome breed with lots of sweet, and sometimes annoying lil quirks~

  6. Kellie says:

    My doxie, Frankie, does the same thing. He shoves his nose into your hand. And if you stop petting him… He uses his puppy dog eyes to make you fee guilty.

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