Life with Jasmine and Juliet, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with our two rescued miniature dachshunds

I’m Not Ready

on November 16, 2008

We went to the foster home that Jasmine came from yesterday to check out more potential companions for Jasmine.  The foster mom had just received two females from a backyard breeder–one of which had just had puppies nine weeks ago.  The puppies (two girls and a boy–all three are black-and-tan) were being fostered as well.

The two females–Millie and Molly–were very friendly and happy, but a bit undisciplined.  Millie is a tweenie red and Molly is a black-and-tan with a tiny bit of dapple in her blood.  Molly seemed to be a bit malnourished–she had lots of thin spots where hair should have been.  She was also swollen from recent nursing.

There were several other doxies in residence.  Tuli and Mack have already been adopted and are awaiting the renovation of their new home–complete with dachsie ramp.  Hank and Bella were rescued from a situation where they were kept outside all the time.  They are a bonded pair, and since coming to the foster home, they have adapted well.

I liked Hank.  He was about Jasmine’s size, and he really liked hubby.  The problem was that he once was a pampered boy…and then his family banished him to the outdoors (they had a baby).  Because of this, he has trust issues and has been known to snap when scared.  He also has issues with possessiveness with food and with handling.  It’s going to take some time to build his trust, and I’m not sure that I’d feel that he could be safe around the grandkids.  He’s also bonded with Bella…it would be a shame to break up the pair.  Bella is a dominant female, and that wouldn’t sit well with Jasmine.

Jasmine didn’t want anything to do with any of the dogs.  I even had puppies climbing on her.  She loves puppies but was so intimidated by the situation that she ignored everything and everyone.  When I put her on the ground, she cowered behind my legs.  The only time she relaxed was when she was curled in my lap.  I was hoping she’d connect with one of the dogs, but that was too much to ask.  There were too many dogs, and she just shut down.

I learned something else yesterday.  I’m not ready.  I keep thinking about what will happen to her if we bring another dog in the house.  She’s still coming out of her shell, and I’d hate to reverse her progress.  It may sound silly, but I don’t want her to lose her status as the “pampered pooch” of the house.  If we bring another dog in that becomes alpha, she WILL lose her favored position.  And I’m not ready to do that.  So I think we’re going to shelve the “get a second dachshund” decision until we’re settled in our new home back East.  After the dust settles and we’re all comfy in our new lives, we’ll revisit the question.  Until then, Jasmine will be an only dog.

P.S. If you’re in California and are interested in any of the dogs described above, please go to the Southern California Dachshund Rescue page.


4 responses to “I’m Not Ready

  1. Jasmine is lucky to have an owner who thinks things through! So many poeple gets pets on impulse and the pet always is the one to suffer! When the time is right, the right dog will find you! Jasmine is a cutey!!

  2. Alice says:

    You made the right decision. It may take awhile once you get situated back east for Jasmine to settle in. Then, if you do decide to adopt another, choose 1 or 2 you like and introduce Jasmine to them without any other dachshunds around. She may not be so overwhelmed then.

  3. Mary Anen says:

    Oh- how lucky Jasmine is to have a “mom and dad” like you guys. You put her needs first and that’s awesome. I think you made a wise decision in not getting another dog. Given Jasmine’s back ground, it’s a shame to see that she can’t relax around other dogs when she should be…

  4. […When are you ready to adopt another dachshund?…]

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