Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Bone Time

on November 13, 2008

One of my–and Jasmine’s–favorite times of day is “Bone Time.”  After getting through email and various bits of business, I go out and run errands.  When I return, Jasmine usually gets a bone as a treat for not destroying the house.  I also believe that this helps her equate my going out (and eventual return) as a positive experience, making her less inclined to separation anxiety.  But that’s just a guess.

When I get home, she greets me with tail wags.  I bring her outside to do her business, and then we come back in to settle into another few hours of work.  However, she now looks at me expectantly.  “I was good…where’s my bone?”

There’s nothing cuter than a happy dachshund.  And there’s nothing I can resist less than giving Jasmine a well-deserved treat.  She knows the words, “Do you want…” and “Would you like…” which are the lead-ins to her favorite words like “go for rides,” “din-din,” “go outside” and “bone.”  Her ears perk up and she provides me with her undivided attention as she waits for the next words.  “Do you want…a BONE?”

WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  She explodes with joy!  She leaps in the air, tail wagging, body wriggling with pleasure.  She runs into the kitchen and waits for me, all the time her tail showing her happiness.  She sits, tail still wagging, and she gently takes the bone that I extend to her.  She then runs back into the living room to enjoy her prize.

It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  I love seeing that joy in her.  It took her months to just wag her tail.  Now she explodes with joy.  And I had something to do with that.  It makes me so happy that I want to wag my tail and leap as well.  Of course, I’m not as good at it, and it scares Jasmine a bit when I do.  😉


4 responses to “Bone Time

  1. Debbie says:

    That was so cute! I loved that. It made my day.

  2. myboofheadboy says:

    Just got myself in trouble with your video, my dog was in the loungeroom, heard the word bone, and came running in here to see where it was. Gorgeous video.

  3. mwdonnelly says:

    Glad you enjoyed the video. I get to see her like this every day, and every day she makes me smile. Glad I could also help another dog get a bone as well… 😀

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