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10 Things I Love About Jasmine

on October 23, 2008

One of my favorite Dachshund-focused blogs is Who’s Your Dachshund, a co-op of 10 bloggers writing about their favorite wee members of their families.  One of the bloggers wrote about how he loves the Frito’s corn chip smell of his Dachshund (although he’d rather not have his couch smell like Frito’s).  It made me think of the many little things I love about Jasmine.  Here are 10 (and there will be more) in no particular order:

  1. Snoring. Totally un-ladylike, she snores louder than my husband.  I’ve read that small dogs tend to do this due to their shorter snouts.  I think it’s adorable.
  2. Pillow fluffer. She loves to fluff her pillows and blankets before lying down.  She uses her mouth and paws to move them around until they are JUST so.  My princess!
  3. “Hooves of Thunder.” You would think that such a small dog could never make such a noise, but when she runs down the hallway, you would think that she weighs about 30 pounds.  The Par-Rump Par-Rump Par-rump of her feet and the Jingle-Jangle-Jingle of her collar tags makes it clear that she’s happily on her way.
  4. “Frito Feet.” I too love the smell of her corn-chip feet.  One of the dogs from my childhood also had corn-chip feet.  I wonder now if he had a little Dachshund in him.
  5. “Snaggle Tooth.” Her upper lip often gets caught and you can see bits of her teeth.  It gives her face a slightly silly look, especially when she tilts her head sideways.  We call it “Snaggle Tooth.”  I love it!
  6. Pure joy. Jasmine shows pure joy and exuberance when you utter the word “Bone” or her favorite activity “Go For Rides.”  She jumps, wags her tail furiously and just exudes this joy that’s fully contagious.
  7. No lonely bathroom trips. Jasmine insists on joining me in the bathroom.  Otherwise, she sits outside the door and scratches on it to be let in and whines.  She now makes sure to destroy something if she’s left on the “outside.”  No lonely bathroom trips for me.
  8. Bounce. She loves the smell of Bounce fabric softener.  My bathroom rug has turned into the “ultimate” scratch-and-sniff pad.
  9. Turtle. She loves to climb under her pillows and buck and spin them all when they’re on her back.  We call it playing “Turtle.”  She has particularly taken to this game with her pillow in the car.  It’s fun to watch–but not when I’m driving.
  10. Back seat driver. Speaking of driving, she stands on her hind legs and puts her front paws on the back of the driver seat and tries to sniff my ear.  It’s almost like she’s trying to tell me where to turn.  It’s very cute.

3 responses to “10 Things I Love About Jasmine

  1. ejwines2 says:

    Darwin smeels like Fritos, too! When he loses that smell, I know it’s time for a bath!

  2. MA says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Jasmine was Kona’s twin! They are so much alike! Kona is a pillow pluffer, he has the “hooves of thunder”, definitely the frito feet, he gets the “snaggle” tooth, and oh that puuuure joy… his look of pure joy just kills me… he shows pure joy when we take him out on a walk, and of course I don’t have any lonely bathroom breaks, no sir- he’s always around and he plays turtle too! He does this with the pillow in his crate! That’s why I love reading your blog. I feel like i’m reading about my dog! LOL

  3. mwdonnelly says:

    Minnie Anne,

    Kona is just the cutest little Doxie!!! He must be Jasmine’s soul mate! 🙂 Thanks for being a Jasmine fan!

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