Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Sensitive Tummy Continues

on July 27, 2008

Jasmine was getting better with her rice/cottage cheese bland diet, so we decided to slowly introduce the new Evo dry and canned foods into her diet.  We added just a little bit of both to her food, and she seemed to tolerate it.  So, we slowly increased the proportions until we reached 100% dog food.

Well, it didn’t work.  She went back to having loose stools.  Last night, I put her back on the bland diet and stopped the dog food, but the “damage” had already been done.  She had to “go” no less than five times last night (each time was worse).  To make matters worse, she started vomiting last night and also this morning.

I’ve been watching her closely today.  I put her on a fast today to give her body a break, and I’m taking her into the vet tomorrow.  Outside of the obvious issues, she seems to be okay.  She’s still following me everywhere I go, and has already begged for scratchies this morning.

I just need to solve this food problem.  The EVO food seems to be the wrong formula for her, so I’m going to try a gentler chicken and brown rice formula.  Of course, she might have a very sensitive tummy, and any food will be an adjustment.  I just don’t want to cause her any more intestinal trauma.  Poor baby.


4 responses to “Sensitive Tummy Continues

  1. Erica says:

    Poor baby! We feed Darwin Canidae and he loves it. Ed did a lot of research on the healthiest, most natural dog foods available when we got Darwin. The kibble is very small, so it’s easy for him to eat & it makes his coat incredibly shiny. Good luck with your search & I hope Jasmine feels better soon !

  2. sophie's human says:

    I just switched Sophie last month frpm Nurto lamb and rice dry to Royal Canin for Dachshunds (#28) not cheap – but seem worth it, she seems much happier and so is her tummy. btw canned pumpkin puree is supposed to be good for any stomach inbalance for dogs. I keep measured tablespoons in the freezer. Most dogs and most seem to enjoy the frozen healthy treat – or you can defrost in the fridge for a few hours when needed.

  3. mwdonnelly says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I did try the canned pumpkin last night mixed in with her rice and cottage cheese (bland diet). She threw it all up. I think the EVO was way too high in protein compared to the Eukanuba Dachshund formula that she was eating. So, I went back to the pet food store and got her California Natural Chicken and Rice formula…just a few ingredients and moderate amount of protein. It’s made for dogs with food allergies and tummy sensitivities. I did more research, and I read that it’s hard to get dogs off of Iams and Eukanuba dry formulas for some reason (made by the same company). Poor Jasmine.

  4. Kathy Ungar says:

    My dog Lucy has a VERY sensitie tummy. I have tried everything. Finally, Hills ID did the trick. It is boring…and she is never really excited about eating it but it is the only food that keeps her from mucousy poop.
    Good luck!

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