Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Playful Pup

on July 21, 2008

Jasmine hasn’t been the most playful pup in the past, but today, she was making up for lost time.  Blankets, ropey toys, her beloved reindeer were all fair game.  While Jasmine tends to be a low-energy dog, she had several play spurts today, complete with a bit of burrowing and tugging on her blanket and chewing on the reindeer’s antlers.  She romped around, picked up one toy after another, shook them until they were properly limp with fear and then she pounced on them, tearing at them with her mighty jaws.

While most of her play sessions last less than five minutes, today’s sessions were marathons for our little lass.  She started on one toy from her pile and went to the next.  She ran up to me to try to engage me in her game, and I happily obliged.  I teased her with her ropey, squeaked the tummy of the reindeer, and tossed the blanket over her to help bring out her burrowing instincts.

It was fun to see her enjoy a little play time.  Perhaps she’s feeling a bit better…her tummy is still a bit sensitive, but she doesn’t seem to be as distressed as before.  I hope she keeps it up…it brings me so much joy to see her happy.


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