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Dog Food

on July 3, 2008

I’ve been researching dog food since Jasmine got her tummy ache.  Many dogs have loose stool when their diets are altered, including changes in food formulas or switching brands/types or even flavors of food.  Other dogs are less sensitive to changes in diet.  I guess Jasmine is in the former group.

I found a site, Dog Food Analysis, that details the contents of and reviews both kibble and canned dog foods.  I also saw a list of foods that the Whole Dog Journal recommends–it’s pretty similar to the Dog Food Analysis site’s findings.  Looking at the Dog Food Analysis site, their preferences for good dog food stems from a more “natural” diet that is high in protein, high in nutrients and “whole” foods (veggies, whole grains, natural preservatives), and low in carbohydrates and fillers.  I looked at all the “six star” dog foods and decided to try the EVO Small Bites dog food (the only food in the list with smaller kibble for smaller dogs) and EVO canned dog foods for Jasmine.  As long as we’re going through a slow change in food, I thought I would try to find the best food for her.

Does this mean mass-market commercial food is bad?  Nope.  Eukanuba has done well for Jasmine, but i want to make sure that she’s getting the best she can.  Is this a little overboard?  Actually, no.  The food was readily available at the local pet food store, and was significantly LOWER in price than Eukanuba’s new formula with better ingredients.  Eukanuba went from a 10.3 ounce can for $1.29 with their old formula to a 13 ounce can for $1.79 for their new formula.  I called their “expert” hotline yesterday to ascertain what was different in the new formula, and their “expert” claimed, “oh, we’re using better ingredients.”  Hm.  Some expert.  She told me that I should try their other brand, Iams, and she’d send me coupons for some free cans.  No thanks.

We’re now transitioning Jasmine slowly from the old dog food to the new, but we only have one can of the old…so Jasmine will be fully on the new canned food.  We have plenty of Eukanuba kibble, so I’ll be slowly transitioning her to the new stuff by mixing her food.  Hopefully, this will keep her from experiencing more tummy problems.  The slow transition is bringing her back to normal–thank goodness!

3 responses to “Dog Food

  1. jen says:

    I have used evo small bites for my mini doxie, I think it is great. He developed allerigies/skin sensitives so now we are on the wellness sweet potao/fish.

  2. Consider Raw! We’ve been raw fed since we were 10 weeks old, and love it…..almost 7 years now. It’s affordable to buy the premixed raw for little dogs, probably cheaper than canned food. EVO is a pretty good product though. The kibble is high in protein overall, so you have to be careful with that and any younger, older, or dog with kidney issues.

  3. MA says:

    We feed Kona Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul dog food. It’s high in protein and from what I can understand, it’s a high rated food dog food. His coat is so soft and shiny! We always get compliments!

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