Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Our Little Watchdog

Jasmine is generally a non-barking dog (very unusual for a doxie). However, she’s starting to become more aware of the world around her and is now beginning to growl or bark (just once) when there is someone at the door, coming through the door (poor hubby) or even making noise at the front door. It’s pretty darn cute…she makes a little “woof” noise. She has a high-pitched bark, but not a “rat dog” bark. Once she barks, I acknowledge her bark and thank her for warning me. She settles right down knowing her job is done.

Now, she sometimes growls at my husband when he comes home from work.  NOT when he’s coming through the door and making noise, but AFTER she sees that it’s HIM, that evil MAN.  I don’t let her get away with it and admonish her for it.  It’s not acceptable behavior to growl at him, and I’m hoping that she will just get over it and accept him as a higher member of the pack.  She’s afraid of him, yet she loves it when she does get brave enough to come near him to ask for scratchies.  And this morning, she even climbed into his lap–ALL THE WAY onto his lap.

Baby steps are fine with me as long as she’s stepping in the right direction!

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Apple Core Thief

I’ve been responsible for making Jasmine an apple core thief.

Jasmine loves apples.  I share my morning apple with her every day.  Of course, the pieces I give her must be peeled.  😉  Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to throw away the core and leave it, wrapped in a napkin, on a plate on the coffee table.  I then go run errands, and when I return, the apple core and napkin are on her doggie bed, what flesh remained now gingerly shaved off of the core.  And of course, since I didn’t catch her in the act, there’s nothing I can do about correcting her.  Besides, she’s not the one that needs correcting.  *I* need to stop leaving the apple cores where she can reach them.

Other than her penchant for apples, Jasmine seems not to take notice of the myriad of “chewable” items around her house.  She’s happy to chew on a bone (only when I’m around, through–she leaves it if she’s alone), and the only things laying around that seem to have any attraction to her are my husband’s socks and anything with a rope tied to it.  Otherwise, she’s a perfect little pup.

So, I’m guilty for making Jasmine into an apple core thief.  I’ll have to learn to quickly put away those cores…lest I make more of a problem for myself–and her!


Sun Dog

We’ve been having unseasonably hot weather for the past few days.  As I write, it’s 97 degrees in San Jose–about 20 to 25 degrees above our normal temperature for May 16.  I’ve been staying indoors as much as possible, which also means that walkies have been suspended for the time being and “outside” time for Jasmine is limited to doing her business.

Jasmine, like most/all dogs, loves to sleep in the sun.  I’ve been keeping the curtains closed to keep the house a bit cooler, and Jasmine has been fidgety.  Yesterday, instead of going outside to do her business, she sauntered over to the lawn in the back yard and just plopped down.  It was 100 degrees out, and she was just so happy to feel the sunshine on her back.  I walked back inside the house and closed the door (I don’t like the heat) and I peeked out the back window to check on her five minutes later.  While the call of the afternoon sun was strong, her desire to be with me was stronger.  She was sitting in front of the back door waiting for me to appear.  I let her in, and she bounded in, tail wagging.

Today, she’s been showing more fidgety behavior.  It’s been a little cooler (a balmy 97), but the heat started earlier today.  The drapes were closed except for a tiny peek of sun where the cord from the electric fan I put in the room was coming into the room from the electric socket.  Jasmine perched herself to have that little sliver of sun on her back.  I felt so bad that I opened the drapes so a nice dachshund-sized patch of sun emerged.  She immediately plopped her body into the sunshine and went to sleep.  She’s there right now, half in and half out of that patch.  Sure the room is a bit warmer, but I can’t  deprive her of her warm afternoon snooze.  She’s just so darn pretty laying there, sun glistening off her soft fur.

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A Pattern Emerges

Let’s see…

  1. Go away and leave Jasmine with someone or in a kennel
  2. Come home.  Bring Jasmine home.
  3. Jasmine is happy, clingy, peppy, lovey.  “Oh thank you Mom for coming home to me…for rescuing me from those people/that kennel/Dad!”
  4. Jasmine realizes that I was/we were evil to leave her with someone else.
  5. Jasmine shows her displeasure and gets her revenge–she pees on the carpet in front of me/us.
  6. I catch her in the act, correct her, bring her outside to pee, reward her good behavior.
  7. She smirks and lets us believe that WE corrected her and the indoor soiling stops.

This has happened each time we’ve brought her home from a trip, or if I’ve been away on a trip.  I think the dog knows a LOT more than she’s letting on.  Sneaky smart.  That’s what she is.  Sneaky smart.


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Two Paws Forward

Jasmine has been an angel since we returned from our trip.  It’s almost as if, after staying in the kennel, that she appreciates her home more.  The big change is the way she’s interacting with my husband.

I was laying on the floor with my head on my husband’s leg, when Jasmine sauntered on up between my body and hubby’s leg.  She let him pet her, and as she got more and more into the petting session, she nudged up closer to him.  She then did something she never did before–she climbed up onto his lap!  She continued to let him pet her, and for once, she was totally relaxed with him touching her.  It was so sweet…she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure.  She did this once again yesterday, and today, she walked up to him while he was sitting on the floor and allowed him to pet her.  She’s let him do this twice before, but always stretching her body so he was JUST within reach of her head.  She’s not snuggling up to him without me next to her yet, but she’s within close reach and is relaxing as he scratches her neck.

It’s good to see that she’s giving him a little more trust and a little affection.  He certainly has given her all the time she needs to get to know him.  High five, Jasmine!

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A Stay at the PetsHotel

My husband and I had to go back East for a family wedding and to attend to some business this past week, and given Jasmine’s lack of invitation to return to our friends’ home, we decided to board Jasmine at PetSmart’s PetsHotel.

For $25 per night, Jasmine would get a small “Atrium” room (aka kennel) in their indoor, temperature controlled facility.  Since she’s not a real social dog and is pretty intimidated by other dogs, I didn’t sign her up for the “Doggie Day Camp” or “play time” sessions.  However, I did indulge in one add-on–a daily “Treat Time” consisting of doggie ice cream and a cookie.

I reluctantly brought Jasmine down to the hotel, and they checked her in.  I had put her in the facility once before for a single night, so all her info was current, including her feeding regimen.  They don’t charge extra for providing your own food or special dietary needs.

The handler came out with a name tag for her and to bring her back.  Jasmine became “bucking bronco” dog, and she fought the handler.  *sigh*  The handler was firm but gentle with her, and finally got her calm enough to take her back into the kennel room.  As Jasmine was walking through the door, she looked back at me with large, sad, scared eyes.  I don’t think I’ve felt that bad in a long time.  I felt so guilty for leaving her there.

I called there the next day to see how Jasmine had acclimated.  I was put on hold as they searched for the handler, and when she got on the phone, she said that she would get Jasmine to put her on the phone!  Huh?  What was I to say to her, “Be brave little doggie, mom will be back soon…” as the handler made gagging faces to her buddies?  And what would Jasmine really think…it was me, but in a different form?  Um, no.  I just promptly told the handler that I didn’t want to talk TO the dog, but about how the dog was doing.  She was not eating her food, but she did manage to scarf down most of her ice cream.  Yeah, that’s my dog!  She also hadn’t “gone” yet, so I clued them in on her “go” words.  That worked well.

I called every day for four days until the handlers were probably rolling their eyes at the overprotective mommy.  Yes, she was fine and had adjusted well.  Yes, she was eating.  Yes she was doing her business.  Okay, so I was just trying to lessen the guilt for leaving her in a kennel.  A KENNEL!  What a terrible mom I am?  Couldn’t I have placed her in an in-home overnight care place?  Well, at $45 a night, um, no.  Let’s be frank…it just costs way too much.

So, I picked up my precious this morning.  She had been groomed before I got there, her bedding had been washed, and she was wearing a cute little bandana–a final touch from the grooming session.  Her coat was shiny, and she came running at me with a huge waggedy tail. She cried all the way home.  She romped around on HER lawn.  She ran into HER house.  She was home.  And while I still feel a bit guilty for taking her to a kennel, she was well cared for, she’s healthy, and she’s just fine and dandy, back to her routine.

Maybe next time will be easier.  Uh, probably not.

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