Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Walkies? Nah.

on April 29, 2008

Jasmine still doesn’t like walkies.

When Jasmine first arrived, she bucked like a baby bronco over being put on a leash. After a few days of leash dragging around the house, she was fine. Walks were a bit difficult in the beginning, but after a little while, she was happy to go for walkies.

Then, I made the mistake of having her meet the neighbor dachshunds (barky little buggers, they are). After two meetings, Jasmine refused to walk alone with me. And after a few months and a little coaching from the pet sitter, I got her back to walking with me.

When we get her out for her daily walk, she’s a fairly good walker. She sits at every curb and corner and waits for a cue to move forward (most of the time). She either walks behind me or beside me. She’s not perfect–when she’s startled, she goes into “sled dog” mode and pulls on the leash until we’re out of “danger.” She knows the routes we take, and she often tries to dictate the “short” circuit. Nope. Won’t let her do that!

There’s one thing missing these days. Jasmine doesn’t like to go for walks. She used to jump up and down at the prospect. These days, she is reluctant to come to the door when I announce that it’s time for walkies. She is also hyper-aware when we’re walking alone–her ears are perked, she darts her head around at every noise, scatters and starts when any unexpected noise, person or thing appears. She’s less “worried” when my  husband is with us.

I love walking and walking her, so I’m sad to see her so afraid of the world around her. I’m being patient though. Not too long ago, all these things were completely foreign to her, and I’m hoping that further exposure to cars, people, leaves, squirrels, wind, kids, dogs, cats and the occasional skateboard will not cause total panic in her.

Someday, I hope walkies will become a welcome activity for her.  I love watching her jump for joy.


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