Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Foodie Dog

on April 25, 2008

When Jasmine first arrived, she was not food motivated at all. In fact, getting her to eat was difficult, and the only treats she liked were the Simon & Huey’s treats.

Today, Jasmine is a real “foodie.” She sits at attention when we’re eating certain foods–especially apples and popcorn. I accidentally found out her propensity for these foods–my bad. I left an apple core on the coffee table.  I dropped a piece of popcorn when I was transferring the contents of the bag into a bowl. I really didn’t want to let Jasmine eat human food, but these days when I eat either popcorn or apples, Jasmine goes nuts. She jumps up and down, wags her tail, gives me the “happy” face…aren’t dogs great at manipulation? And I’m a total sucker. TOTAL sucker. One look at those shining eyes and perky ears…I’m mush.

Jasmine’s food obsessions are quirky. Her apple-lust stops at the peel. She won’t eat the peel. But doesn’t she know that the peel is good for you? All that fiber!  When she eats popcorn, she gingerly picks it up and carries it to the far side of the coffee table. THEN she eats it. It’s pretty darn cute to see that little piece of popcorn sticking out of her mouth as she runs on by.

The good news is that her favorite treat is a good old dog bone. When I ask her whether she wants a bone, she goes ballistic. She jumps for joy and runs into the kitchen and faces the bone jar. She does a little doggie dance until I give her the bone. I have a feeling that giving her treats is more fun for me than for her. Well, maybe just a LITTLE more fun…she seems to be truly happy when I do.


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