Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Little Snuggler

on April 21, 2008

Jasmine isn’t much of a burrower, but she is a snuggler. I was on the floor watching television the other day when Jasmine came up to me. She generally likes to climb on and over me when I’m on the floor, but this time, she wedged her body in between my arm and my torso, put her head on my shoulder and snuggled against me. After letting out a big sigh, she dozed off and started to snore. Of course, the sandman must have sprinkled both of us with magic dust because before I knew it, an hour had passed. I moved a little and woke her up. She yawned, stretched, and promptly snuggled back in and went to sleep.

Jasmine also likes to snuggle up in my lap. One of the best things about having a little dog is the “lap dog” benefits. Every morning, I sit on the floor, and Jasmine jumps in my lap to be brushed. Afterwards, she turns around and curls up into a little ball and goes to sleep in my lap. Warm, happy and comfortable, she simply puts her love and trust in me. Few things are better than this.


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