Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

No Dining Alone

on March 28, 2008

Jasmine doesn’t like to eat alone. In the morning, she tends to wait for me to get up and go into the kitchen even though hubby has prepared and placed her meal on the floor and has left for work. In the evening, he fixes her dinner. If he’s in the room alone with her, she won’t eat. She will only eat if I’m present–and will tolerate his presence as well. During our vacation, she wouldn’t eat if the other animals were in the room (which gave the resident cat plenty of chances to torture her and prompted the mom to banish all other animals from the house while Ms. Jasmine was dining…no wonder she’s not invited back!).

Last night, hubby fed her as usual, and I walked out of the room while she was chowing down. Actually, I tip-toed out. I was hoping she didn’t notice my departure and would finish her meal without me. She got about 3/4 through her meal when she noticed my absence and ran into the living room. She stared at me, and I walked back into the kitchen to see if she had finished her dinner. Nope. She ran back in and scarfed away the rest and promptly trotted back into the living room sated and happy. Quirky little gal, isn’t she?  Or is it that she has me well trained?

A little light at the end of the tunnel…this morning when Jasmine romped into the room to wake me up, I told her to go eat her “dinner.”  She happily thundered down the hallway and I could hear the clang clang of her tags on the food bowl.  About a minute later, she ran back into the room to make sure I was up.  When I checked her bowl in the kitchen, it was empty.  One small step for small dog? 😉


One response to “No Dining Alone

  1. ejwines2 says:

    This happens a lot with Darwin. He definitely likes at least one of us to be in the kitchen with him while he’s eating. If he doesnn’t eat his breakfast in the morning while we are home, he often ends up ignoring it all day, finally eating it once I get home from work.

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