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Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Another Abscess

on February 6, 2008

This weekend, Jasmine started limping. We had the dog sitter come by on Saturday to get further acquainted and to get Jasmine walking with her. We went for a couple of walks, so I thought Jasmine had somehow hurt herself on the walks.

Well, on Monday, she developed an abscess yet again on her left paw. However, this time, she was limping and she wouldn’t let me touch her paw without a struggle. She limped around, and while her abscess popped and began to drain (yeah, icky…I know), she was very protective and somewhat lethargic. I decided to give it a day to see if she would start healing. It wasn’t. Her limp was more pronounced. The abscess was still red and puffy and wasn’t draining.  I called the vet, and got an appointment for this morning.

Of course, she was barely limping this morning and the abscess had gone way down.   I wanted to have her checked out nonetheless. I’m glad I did. Apparently, she had developed another abscess that I had not seen–this time on the bottom of her paw. Poor baby. So now, I have to soak her paw in an antimicrobial and give her antibiotics twice a day. I’m leaving for a business trip on Friday, so hubby will have to take it on.

I feel bad for Jasmine. Apparently, this type of abscess is common in former puppy mill dogs–it’s known as “puppy mill foot.” This is the only time that the abscesses have bothered her, so I’m keeping a close eye on the infection. Oh, I hate to leave my pup when she’s not right!



6 responses to “Another Abscess

  1. Helen says:

    Try putting a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on the abscess twice a day. My puppy mill dog’s infections cleared up in less than a week.

  2. Dog Lady says:

    Poor little jasmine. I wish she could just leave the puppy mill behind now that she’s out but it seems not so easy.

  3. zio says:

    My dog has had recurring paw abscesses for nearly a year. He is going for surgery tomorrow to remove the infected area since he developed a lot of scar tissue. This is a horrible condition that has my dog wearing an ecollar 24/7. I pray your dog gets better, this is the first I heard of puppy mill foot, makes sense poor things. 😦 Please leave an update on Jasmine, she is in my prayers…

  4. zio says:

    one more thing, try a product called Domeboro astringent mixe with warm water and place her paw in for 20 min 2x a day folllowed by antibiotic ointment. THis helps heal them fast and if it gets really bad your vet can place a drain in for a few days. Also have a culture done on the fluid in the abscess to see which antibiotic will work on her particular bacteria.

  5. karla says:

    4 days ago, i was very surprised to see my dog, Marley, a dachshund too, silent and looking sad. it bothered me because usually he’s very enthusiastic to see me. then as i saw him walking, he was limping. i looked at his paw and found it swelling. twice its normal size! i immediately brought him to the vet. Marley was advised to take painkillers and antibiotics. 2days later abscesses formed all over his paw and started to secrete pus. 😦 until now. but the swelling subsided for about 30%. im still worried.

    • mwdonnelly says:

      So sorry to hear about Marley’s problem, Karla! I’m glad you got him to a vet quickly and he’s under the vet’s care. Give him lots of pets and kisses from Jasmine and I. Hope he is better soon!

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