Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Play Time?

on January 15, 2008

Jasmine’s personality emerges day by day.  She has her “don’t bother me I’m sleeping” times and her “hey pay attention to me” times and her “hey, let’s play” times.  However, I just haven’t figured out how to teach her what it means to play.

We’ve successfully played “tug” once or twice, but she doesn’t seem to really like the game, and she’ll only play with hubby’s “used” socks.  Ew.  When I get up to play with her, she jumps around me, but then I can’t really get her to play.  I try the “chase” game…chase her, have her chase me.  But she seems a little confused when we play this.  She gives me looks like, “um, what are you doing?”  I try giving her some toys to chew, and she just looks at them–she occasionally will chew on one of her soft toys but it doesn’t happen very often, and she sometimes chews on her rope toy but that doesn’t last long either.  If I roll a ball to her, she looks at it with pure disinterest (except to step out of the way if it is rolling towards her).  She does like to tear up stuff that I don’t want to play with–including my hand-knit sweater.  Yipes!  Her favorite game?  Gimme a BONE!  BONE!  BONE!

The only time I’ve seen her really play is when we visited her foster home.  Her foster mom had some puppies in tow, and Jasmine romped around with abandon with those cuties.  She even tried to get another foster dog, a slightly plump dachshund, to join the game.  Given her poor prior socialization, it warmed my heart to see her run, jump and just enjoy the day…like any other dog.
So, I’m still searching for a game to play with her that she’ll understand and love.  She deserves to have hours and hours of pure joy.


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