Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Out Of The Crate, In To Her Bed

on January 7, 2008

Since we returned home from the holidays, Jasmine has been reluctant to get into her crate at night.  Apparently, the people she vacationed with took the door off the crate and she could come and go as she pleased.  We were a bit reluctant to do that (okay, I was) because we weren’t sure of her housebreaking.  Well, I got a little doggie bed and placed it next to my side of the bed and she jumped right into it lickety split.  She slept through the night without getting up, and she patiently waited for me to get up in the morning without wandering.

The crate is still in the room if she wants it, but I think she likes being close to me–the crate is on the other side of the bedroom.  I do have to watch it…if my hand hangs down over the side of the bed, I sometimes am awakened by a cold, wet nose. 🙂

Jasmine also has the run of the house when I’m out.  She hasn’t had one accident since we returned, and she seems much less anxious and much more comfortable.  There is a fluffy pillow in the crate in the kitchen, but she never seemed to enjoy being there.   And it’s so wonderful having that little face greet me at the door.

One response to “Out Of The Crate, In To Her Bed

  1. Jane says:

    When my dachsie pup came home I put a waterproof sheet on the bed under the linens. She went under the covers – I was so afraid I would squash her or she would suffocate. Well silly me, this is how most dachsies sleep. She was so little. She never had an accident on the bed.
    Now I don’t know where the years went but she is now 13. I wouldn’t change a day of her life. I can’t imagine not having my little Ali up on the bed.
    Take care of Jasmine. She sounds wonderful.

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