Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Back Home

on December 31, 2007

We got back home on Friday night and went straight from the airport to pick up our little girl.  Jasmine had a nice time with our friends and bonded well with the mom.  She and the other dog ignored each other–not what I was hoping, but good that Jasmine learned to cohabit with the other dog.

Jasmine wasn’t eating much the first few days, but by the end of the week, she was back to a normal eating pattern (IF the other dog was outside and the curtains were shut).  She didn’t have a single accident, even when left alone with the run of the house.  She took treats from the family, and made noises when she was hungry.  She slept in her crate at night and lazed in her pink poofy pillow during the day.

It makes me happy that she was well cared for by people who know and love dogs.  I dreaded kenneling her, and I think these friends might be amenable to taking her when we go on vacation in a few months.  She’s a great dog, and everyone loved her.  What’s not to love?

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