Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Back Home

We got back home on Friday night and went straight from the airport to pick up our little girl.  Jasmine had a nice time with our friends and bonded well with the mom.  She and the other dog ignored each other–not what I was hoping, but good that Jasmine learned to cohabit with the other dog.

Jasmine wasn’t eating much the first few days, but by the end of the week, she was back to a normal eating pattern (IF the other dog was outside and the curtains were shut).  She didn’t have a single accident, even when left alone with the run of the house.  She took treats from the family, and made noises when she was hungry.  She slept in her crate at night and lazed in her pink poofy pillow during the day.

It makes me happy that she was well cared for by people who know and love dogs.  I dreaded kenneling her, and I think these friends might be amenable to taking her when we go on vacation in a few months.  She’s a great dog, and everyone loved her.  What’s not to love?

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Jasmine’s Vacation

We’re out of town for the holidays and Jasmine is staying with friends.  We thought it would be a better environment for her than the local kennel–especially since our friends have another rescued dog to keep her company and to help socialize her.

Apparently, Jasmine has acclimated well and has comandeered the other dog’s day bed.  I’m not sure how much she has accepted or bonded with her host family, but I’m hoping that being around new people will help socialize her and make her a more confident dog. 

I’m really missing her, especially at this time of year.  However, I didn’t believe that putting her through the trauma of a cross-country trip would be good for her, no matter how much I wanted her here. 

I hope Santa visits doggies as well.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Limpy Foot

Jasmine’s right-rear foot isn’t quite right.  When she runs, she holds the foot up and kind of hobbles, putting down the “limpy” foot every so often.  Hubby noticed the slightly “off” foot when we got her, but I didn’t really see it until she was running in front of me.  When she walks, she uses the foot as normal, but her limpy gait when she runs is strange.  It’s almost as if she lifts her foot because it can’t keep up with the other three.  It certainly doesn’t seem to cause her any pain.

Her limpy run is kind of cute.  It sure doesn’t slow her down, but I shudder to think how she obtained the injury.  We guess that someone reached for her inside her puppy mill pen, grabbed her by the foot and fractured it.  It probably never quite healed properly, thus her limpy run.  However, when I bring her inside out of the rain an wipe her feet, she cowers with her tail between her legs as I dry off her back feet.  Oh, poor girl.  I wish she didn’t have all these bad experiences and phobias.

At least we’re here to give her a better life.  I think the fluffy pink poofy pillow is a testament to her life now.  That and her new game of fluffing that poofy pillow from below.  I call it “Turtle Fluff.”  She bounces around the pillow from below to poof it up, every so often sticking her head out to see what I’m doing.  Oh, so cute.

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No Dogs on the Bed

My husband was nursing a badly pulled muscle this weekend, so we generally spent the whole weekend trying to keep him off his feet.  He was propped up on the bed, and we just hung out and relaxed (what a change from the chaos of the holidays!).  That meant that Jasmine spent a lot of time in the bedroom–something she never does except to sleep in her crate.  She was confused at first.  “Hey, why aren’t we watching the big TV?  Where’s my fluffy pillow?”  However, Jasmine made the proper adjustments with little stress.  She quickly took possession of my hand-crocheted blanket (my fault, I left it on the floor) and settled in.  However, she kept jumping up and sticking her nose over the edge of the bed to see what we were doing.  So I did what I told myself I wouldn’t do…I let her on the bed.

Well, she was in doggie heaven.  I put her blanket down on the bedspread, and she plopped into it.  Not only did she have our soft, cushy bed to lay on, she had both my husband and I giving her scratches and pets.  Ahhhhh…what a life.  When I got up to leave, she wanted to follow, so I put her back on the floor.  However, from then on, she clearly indicated when she wanted to “come up.”  And when it was really time for bed, she was a bit confused.  “Wait…why do I have to get into my crate when there’s a big, comfy bed?”

I think we’re going back to the No Dogs on the Bed rule.  It would be way too easy for us to spoil her for good! Besides that, she’s a bed hog.   😀

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A Breakthrough!!!

This weekend, we had a breakthrough.

Jasmine has been afraid of my husband since we brought her home.  She is always watching him out of the corner of her eye…and when he gets up out of his chair in the living room, she gets up and scurries to a “safe” zone.  She doesn’t approach him unless he has treats, and she rarely lets him pet her unless we are out of the house (he’s a safe harbor when she’s afraid).  This weekend, Jasmine approached him for pets for the first time.

We’ve been trying to get Jasmine comfortable with my husband, but up until now, she has only come close to him if I have been sitting next to him.  This goes for treats/tricks as well as for petting.  She would usually run away if he put his hand out to pet her, and she would carefully but reluctantly take food from his hand (she would run at any movement from him).  On Saturday, hubby was giving me a back rub and Jasmine walked up to him and accepted pets from him.  She also climbed on his lap to accept those pets…a small breakthrough.  But later, she approached him while I was sitting away from him–a first.  He gave her thorough scratches and rubs–which she cautiously accepted.   On Sunday, she once again shyly approached him and accepted his pets.

Oh, I was so thrilled!  Up until now, she would only accept him if she was afraid and needed some comfort or if he had a treat bribe in his hand!  This was the first time she sought his attention without having an outside influence scaring her.  It was a big step for her and so rewarding–after months of dealing with her skittish behavior–to have her begin to show trust and acceptance towards my husband.

Way to go, Jasmine!!!!



My husband and I took Jasmine to PetSmart this weekend to have her picture taken with Santa. Yes, it was totally my idea, and my husband went along with it to please me. He’s so nice that way.

We got there early and were near the front of the line. Jasmine got close to my husband (a safe port in the storm) and even let him pet her to his/her heart’s content. While she was intimidated by the other dogs around and was a bit sheepish, she didn’t try to bolt away and wasn’t so afraid that treats were out of the question.

Santa showed up, and the first three dogs took their turns. The wildest dog was about 60 pounds, and the owner had to lift her onto the platform with Santa. Bad idea. It was comical to watch them try to calm this overeager dog down enough to take her picture. The owner finally had to get into the shot to hold the dog.

Then, it was Jasmine’s turn. We put her into Santa’s arms. From the look on her face, you would’ve thought we just took her to the doggie dungeon. (The scene reminded me of the time that we took the grandkids for their visit and pictures with Santa at the mall. All the way there, they were singing songs in excitement of meeting the big man. However, once they were on his knee…uh oh. Our granddaughter began to cry. Both kids looked like they were facing the executioner. It’s one of my favorite pictures of them. 😀 ) And this is one of the pictures of Jasmine that will bring me great joy.

With Santa’s flowing beard and fuzzy cuffs, Jasmine looked absolutely TINY. You could only see her paws and head–the rest of her body is wrapped in Santa suit. See the scanned picture on our Flickr site. We got her picture taken, and rescued her from the clutches of this evil stranger. And while the picture is dark and a tiny bit blurry, I just love it. Jasmine’s photos grace our Christmas cards this year. Maybe that’s taking it a bit far….

Nah. I sent 60 cards out. I admit it. I’m a total dog nut. This proves it.

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