Life with Jasmine, Juliet and Buttercup, Our Rescued Dachshunds

Random notes on our experience with THREE rescued miniature dachshunds

Bad Paw

So, Jasmine’s infected paw was looking great–until a couple of days ago. It’s back to being swollen and red. I’m so bummed. I’ve been feeding her the antibiotics twice a day and using a warm compress to help promote healing as the vet ordered. It was getting better–no redness and swelling, and all of a sudden…poof. 😦 I’m calling the vet first thing tomorrow (Monday) and taking her in. I have a feeling that whatever was in there is still there and is causing the infection to live on.

The good news is that I’m MUCH better at administering the antibiotics. There’s still some struggle, but cheese makes it all better! 🙂

Oh, and on a random note, Jasmine was sleeping on her pillow next to the couch last night. Her tongue was sticking out, and she was snoring. It was just the cutest thing. I couldn’t move and not disturb her, so I didn’t get a picture. That’ll teach me to put the camera across the room!

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I’m not sure how to tell if Jasmine is truly housebroken, but I’m happy to find that she’s in the groove right now. Every morning, I take her out and she “does her business.” She also goes reliably during our morning and evening walks, and I’ve been trying to “imprint” her go command every time she does. If she hasn’t gone during the walk, when return, I take her to the lawn and give her her go command. She has reliably done so for the past few days. I also repeat the command over and over as she’s going and then praise her when she’s done (as the books I’ve been reading have instructed).

I had a meeting to attend today, and I was away from the house for four hours. No accidents, but a little mischief (she knocked down a baby gate in the kitchen). She likes to move her water and food bowls around while I’m gone. She hasn’t learned to play with toys, but she loves messing with those bowls! I’m giving her the run of the kitchen while I’m gone. However, I will be gone all day on Friday. Tom is going to come home during lunch to let her out, and I’m hoping that this test will tell us if she’s really housebroken. Regardless, we’ll continue to look for her signs to ensure her ongoing reliability. Go, Jasmine, Go! Or at least, when we tell you to! 🙂

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Cha Cha Cha

I’m noticing little changes to Jasmine, little things that make me think she’s becoming more comfortable with us. First, she’s getting a bit more frisky. She runs, jumps, wags her little tail and rolls in the grass in the mornings and sometimes after a walk. She ran around and wagged her tail as I was putting down her breakfast–the first time she’s been excited about her food bowl. She watched the UPS man driving up today and although her ears were perked, she didn’t growl or become anxious. Good doggie!

But she growled at Tom last night–the second time that’s happened. He was hovering over her a bit, so I think she was intimidated by his size and dominant stance. Regardless, I corrected her with a “shussshhh” and Tom made sure she accepted a little ear scratching. We can’t have her being aggressive towards Tom at all.

Every day is a bit different for her as far as her temperament and acceptance. But then again, when am I feeling the same every day? I have to keep telling myself that she’s only been here a short time. Time will help her learn and become more confident.

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We took Jasmine to see my father today. My dad is in a residential care facility and is in a wheelchair. I thought Jasmine would be scared of the wheelchair, but she was just fine. Maybe she sensed that my father is a dog person. In fact, he was really pleased to see her and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She sniffed him and sat by his chair, calm and accepting. She’s still not good at sitting in laps, but she’s now much better around strangers.

And as we were walking Jasmine today, someone having a garage sale ran out to greet us with an Irish linen decorative piece with dachshunds printed on it and insisted that we have it. And just a few minutes later, another neighbor greeted us with doggie toys for Jasmine!

Jasmine has lots of fans in the neighborhood. With that little face and the funny little dachshund walk, it would be hard not to be a fan!

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Today, I took Jasmine out for lunch! We went over to my husband’s office. They have a nice patio, complete with shaded tables. We sat down, and Jasmine allowed hubby to feed her cheese! Progress! Other people–all men–joined us, and Jasmine calmly accepted their presence. She was calm, quiet and relaxed. Yay!!!

After that, I went to check out the local PetSmart PetsHotel boarding and day care facility. The kennels are not huge, but clean and sufficient. What I like is that they are all visible by anyone who walks in. There are walk areas and play areas. Basic overnight boarding (feeding, two walks, etc.) is only $23 per day. Doggie day care costs more, but I don’t think she’s well socialized to other dogs, so I might go for a few sessions but not every day. An exit bath is $10. Compared to the $45 per day at other facilities (which provide about the same level of care), it’s a bargain.

We walked around the store, and Jasmine did SO well. I’m trying to get her used to many situations, and although she was a bit stressed (tail tucked some of the time), she handled it well. However, Jasmine doesn’t like sliding glass doors! Eeek! She did let people approach her, though, and even let one of the employees pet her!!!

Our housekeeper came today for our monthly cleaning. Jasmine growled at her, but I corrected her with a “shhhhh” right away and she stopped. I know she’s just protecting her territory, but I also want to let her know that she must stop on my command. She’s a really good doggie! She’s handled everything so well today!

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Fraidy Dog

Jasmine is really afraid of my husband, Tom. She’s afraid of all new things, but she’s been around Tom ever since she came to our home, but for some reason, he makes her tremble. I think whomever owned the puppy mill was a grey-haired man. She was afraid of one of my neighbors that is also grey-haired, but not too afraid of the guy across the street (brown hair). She’s wary of all new people, but she doesn’t seem to freak out as much when women are around…perhaps, we women have softer voices.

She’s a Fraidy Dog, but a cute one at that. I’m hoping to continue to expose her to new things and socialize her to the world. She deserves to experience it all without fear.

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Another Trip to the Vet

I noticed Jasmine licking her paw this afternoon, and after I took a close look, I noticed a sore on the top. I took a tissue and wiped it off and noticed it was very swollen and oozing. Ick. I called the Vet and took Jasmine in. Apparently, something had worked its way into her paw and had infected a vein all the way down to her pads. Owie! We called Jasmine “pointer dog” because she was constantly lifting her left paw. We never saw anything wrong before today…and now we realize that she may have had a foxtail embedded in her paw since we got her. Luckily, we got to it before the infection became too serious. She’s now on antibiotics (which was a real struggle to feed her). Now, we just need to figure out how to keep her from licking and chewing it. At least she can still go on walkies!

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